Bitcoin usage in Cameroon  over the past years  has increased . Cryptocurrency is the latest technology and innovation in the financial industry(the world of money).This is thanks to the fintech innovation called block chain technology. By getting involved in this digital innovation you can start a career as a bitcoin or cryptocurrency investor in Cameroon  or any where in Africa. No need to be asking the question '' Hown to get bitcoin in Cameroon again''.You can now buy and sell bitcoin in Cameroon, as such you can equally get started in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency business in Cameroon.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used to buy goods and services or converted to fiat money such as Naira, XAF, dollar, Euro among others.  The use of Bitcoin in Cameroon can just be a solution the  CFA problem faced by many French speaking countries in West and Central Africa. This innovation is very powerful in that it is not controlled by any central bank. This means you are the bank and you enjoy all the profits that comes on your money as a result of market activity.  We  have put up a website where you can learn about this at In this post, our focus is to introduce you to a digital career which you can use to make money and help your family, make money for your education, make money for your future ,make money to develope your community and make money to go for holidays any where in the world.  But before getting started you can see our check list below
We have set a series of post to diversified the mind set of Cameroonians and African when it comes to working. You can find more of our digital careers by reading the post below
5. Crypto Currency Investor

If you need to get a brief of the entire concept, i suggest you download this guide

Let us get started.

A. Crypto Trader:

  A crypto trader here is someone who in interested in buying and selling digital currencies for money. You can get involve as a crypto trader on exchange plat for like
* CEX.IO ( Buy bitcoin with credit cards for up to 10 btc)
* ( Exchange cryptocurrency  at the best rates)
* (Buy or sell cryptocurrencies in Africa)
In Cameoon, You can exploite sites like Afribaba and for bitcoin in Cameroon.
  There are several other plat forms, but these are the ones i  am using and trust them. You can also make use of sites like local bitcoins, polionex and bittrex to trade currency pairs with the buy sell option or high/low option. These require you to understand candle sticks and other forex techniques which we have put in place for you free of charge. Become a crypto trader can be a life changing decision and trust me, you  will never regret.  I am always available to assist you in in starting a digital career. Get involve and be called the next millionaire as this is a habit in the digital generation.

B. Bitcoin /Crypto Miner:

You can also get involve in crypto currency investment as a miner. This will permit you to have you own share of the  $144,771,731,615( 145 billion dollars) in the cryptocurrency market at the moment i am updating this post. No body is born to be poor brother. get involve now. 

The  Crypto  Miner 
Miners today make use Mining programs  which tap into  the  computer's hardware resources and put them to work mining Bitcoin, etherum, dash, Litecoin, or any other  type cryptocurrency.  

 As a miner basically you generate bitcoins as a reward for validating transactions.Bitcoin miner use mining hardware s. Some of them include;  Ant Router R1, Antminer S9  and BPMC Red Fury USB are some of the recommended mining hard ware that can be used with the cost as low as $59.95. Getting these hardware and mining crypto require cost  for paying electricity , maintenance and others. The mining process generate a lot of heat which need to be regulated equally. As such investing here require large capital. This is the reason why miners have come together to create mining  pools .

                    How to get started as  Miner with Little Investment
The fact that you cannot buy the mining software or join a mining pool does not mean you cannot be called a crypto miner. With  the development of cloud computing and online marketing. You can join mining pools online buy harsh power and get rewarded with bitcoins, dogecoins,etherum ,litecoin among others.  These minning plat forms does not require you to buy any equipment. These plat form get mining farms for you, pay the equipment and you pay for the work they do as well as contribute in maintaining the farms. These permits you to join minning pools online. I  am mining on the following plat forms

1. Miner gate which allows cloud mining starting from 20GH/s  to about 1000000 GH/s (Harsh power). You can buy harsh power depending on your needs for money and on how much you have. Most of the contracts are lifetime contracts. You can get started with miner gate here 
2, Genesis Mining: This is very similar to minergate and is one of the largest mining companies  with  farms in Hong Kong and Ice land.

On this plat for you can mine Bitcoin, Monero,Dash,etherum,litecoin and Zcash. Mining packages are available from 30$ to 2000$ with harsh power 200GH/s to 15,000GH/s.You can slect the custome plan equally which permits you to buy harsh power at any price of your choice. What are you waiting for ? Start mining on genesis now

You can use this code: hs6I4E to get  a discount when making purchases on Genesis.

3.  Krypto Gold: 
This plat form is just new in the market . The company offers bitcoin,dash,litecoin,Zcash starting from 20MH/s. This is not recommended for a starter as they require a registration fee of $75 . However if you are interested in building an MLM, you can join this.
  In all if you want to become a miner, then get started with genesis Mining or miner gate for now. However , you are free to join any mining plat form you trust.

C. ICO investor
ICO stands for ''Initial Coin Offerings''. This is when you participate in a fund raising project of a cryptocurrency  and get rewarded  with coins. Master coisn and etherium recorded on the first ICO projects in the crypto world in 2013 and 2014 respectively. I have posted on swisscoin  which is a project i joined as an investor.
As an ICO investor you  get the many tokens/coins at the early stage . Take for example you had 500 ETH in the ICO project which took place in 2014. Calculate your worth now and see what you should be making.

Also read:

we hope you did discover the career that can turn you into a millionaire within a few months. Drop your comments below . Happy earnings and enjoy the digital careers.

 Download the Cryptocurrency Investment Guide.

Just as a reminder the careers we have suggested include:
A. Crypto Trader
B. Bitcoin /Crypto Miner
C. ICO investor
     Need bitcoins? 
write to
      Which one do you prefer ?

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  1. it is a vast in all field whether you wanna work or earn or do something creative.
    nice post

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is the currency of the future and the future is now. Make sure you invest in it

  2. Bitcoin has been in the news the most recent few weeks, however many people are as yet unconscious of them.crypto investments

    1. Everyone will eventually hear about Bitcoin as blogs and news agencies know more about the block chain technology created by Satoshi Nakamoto.


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    1. You are welcome Adrian. Hope you are doing great with USI Tech?

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  7. Once you trade Bitcoins, they are gone. You cannot reclaim them without the recipient's consent. Thus, it becomes difficult to commit the chargeback fraud, which is often experienced by people with credit cards. Cryptocurrency Market

    1. If you are dealing with a trust worthy person then you should get refunds when something goes wrong. We just need to be very careful when delaing with bitcoin.

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