Are you looking forward to Create a Blog ?  A blog today is  a major source of income to millions of people on the internet. This is why creating a blog is something everyone must know about.  The answer to  the popular ''How to Create a Blog or website  '' today has been made easy and possible thanks to various web hosting companies that offer cheap and reliable web hosting.
Domain and and Hosting with Hostgator ,one of the best web hosting company in the world

A blog has been a blessing in my life. It is through blogging that i have been able to learn what the Internet is all about. I have equally meet some great people thanks to blogging.  I have developed skills  in fields which universities in my country could not offer. In fact , today i am a digital marketer setting up an agency in my country, again because i started blogging. To give back to those who are looking forward to start up someting online and make money, i always write on how to's that can really help you get started. While on my way up the ladder of success, i enjoying sharing my experience and know hows with the youths so that tomorrow we can all say '' We made it''  . I have been using websites to make money and looking forward to create money making machines around the world. Today, I am going to share with you  how to create  a self hosted blog on Hostgator.

For you to start a blog, three main things are required namely:
1. Domain name
2. Web Hosting Account
3. Content Management system.

HostGator provide its customers with all these requirements and other advantages making it easy to get started with. I have used Hostgator services for four years now and my experience had been a great one.  This is why i will always recommend it . we will see some of the advantages soon.
     You can read more  Advantages here: Why You Should Choose Hostgator to Host Your Blog

Let us create a blog that you  will have full control over it. Stay focused and follow this guide on how to start you blog. Don't be in a rush, get a cup of coffee by your side because we got serious business to do here. This is the first step to making money online.  We are aware of several other methods to do this. However Our Focus is on Hostgator to make things easy , secures and sure. Make sure you follow the steps closely .

HG#1   Create You Account and Purchase you Hosting
 The first step to making you own blog is to create your hosting account.

With Hostgator  you have three choices to make a s a blogger when you visit  the  company's website

( i)Web Hosting ( Standard packages)
(ii) Cloud Hosting ( web hosting packages with 2 x faster load speed.)
(iii) Word Press Hosting (with a 2.5  times loading speed).
   Recommended Hosting  Package plans and Types
 As a starter, i will recommend you  select option (i) or (ii), depending on your budget.
Visit Hostgator and Make your choice here
                               Buy Hosting Package on Hostgator

 Then Choose the ''Baby Plan'' Package Type.  The baby plan is the best because  you can host unlimited domains  and sub domains ( For example  my websites and  and are all  in a single hostgator hosting  account. If you choose the ‘’Hatching Plan’’ You will be limited to one domain Only. Making it difficult for you to expand your business.

On the new page that opens you will need to caryout three main actions.
(a) Enter your Domain name e.g bestblog .com.
Here are some tips that will guide you to choose the perfect domain name for your website
*choosing a domain name that ends with .com is the best option to use
* You domain name should not be too long.
*It should  not contain hyphens.
This is your first blog, making it simple will be ok. There are however some cases where you can use this. But it is not recommended when you are starting a blog.
*Select a unique domain name that can  be easily remembered by your website visitors.
*  avoid copy rights infringement. e.g , among others. Be natural.

(b) Choose your hosting plan  and select the Billing cycle as 36 Months. This is because the first purchase always come with excellent discount . You can see upto 63 percent discount on the screen shot.
(c) Enter your billing information ( You can pay with credit card or PayPal on hostgator).
In the 4th section, you can add or remove additional services  by selecting or Unchecking the offer.

Most Coupons are automatically applied. So no need to border about that section. 
You can always contact me to get high discounts with Hostgator by email or using our contact page

Proceed to Checkout. Once your order is processed you will see a confirmation page as seen below

Congratulation my friend. You Hosting account is set.
 You will  need to login in into your email address to confirm your account. The confirmation email is equally very important as it contains some important information about your account. You are advised to keep that email.   Here is a screen shot to show what the email contains.

                                  You are the owner of a money making website. Take a minute and chill or just shout '' i made it'' .     You can now proceed to setting up your first blog.

Lets take a Break, Take some time and send me Coffee. Hahaha ! I can see you still got energy. I need a cup of coffee though. Can we continue? Just as a reminder, we are Creating a blog, Thanks to Hostgator Hosting.

       HG#2   Starting your First Word Press Blog on Hostgator

One of the things that makes HostGator my recommended webhosting company is the fact that they offer services tha permits you to start a blog with or without coding knowledge.  However, it is always recommended to permit a pro spend two- three days on your blog to ensure you are doing the right thing. I am always available if need be.

 Word press is a content management system that power 27 % of the websites on the Internet including one of the biggest news websites  This is because of it simplicity. It  is easy to use and can be used by pro and newbies.  You will be able to create post, publish articles and sell products on your website after installing word press. This is the reason hostgator has integrated the One Click  install tool in every hosting account for free.

Big names like Enstine Muki ( , Brian Clark (, Harsh Agrawal (,Darren Rose ( among others are using word press websites hosted on Hostgator. Get your self on the list by creating a Hostgator account and lets make it happen.
 Do you thing my friend, Let us keep going. I have always done it  by myself, i believe you too can. Its easy though !!

If you already have a domain name that you want to use in your newly purchased hosting Account, then  read this post:  

 The main things involve is changing name servers with your  Hostgator Name servers.
                          Installing Word Press (Content Management System)
#1 Visit Hostgator Customer Portal and Login in with your  email and password.  Then proceed to Cpanel  with your email and password.  You can equally follow the instructions in the email sent to your email to login into your  hosting account.password.
Hostgator Cpanel Login

#2 You should be on a page that   looks like this.

*On this page scroll down to the section that display ''Software and Sevices''. In this section, click on ''Quick Install''   OR
*You can equally Click on 
in the section for '' Special services''
 in your Cpanel
Check out This icon in your Cpnel
#3 Click on Install Word press .  To complete the installation you will  need to  select your domain name , enter your email,  admin user name, name and others. Once done, you can now click on ''Install word press'' and Tada! you are done.

Once installation is done. You will see a confirmation message on your screen .

 Click on View Credentials to get user name and default password.
You will equally receive a confirmation message in your email account. This should contain your user name and password for word press.

                           Login to Word Press.
If your  domain name is for example, type  Then type in your email and password to have access to word press CMS.
 This should look like the screen shot below.

As you can see, you are  now ready to publish your first blog, publish your first page among others. That was easy right ?  Your website is up and running.

PS: Can you leave a thank you on the comment section?

      Get started with WordPress! Use the one click install On Hostgator to start that Blog you've always wanted

 Thanks for spending time on this post. As you can  see, creating a blog with Hostgator involves
-Creating your Hostgator account
 -  Installing word press on Cpane and
 - Setting up your word press blog to look the way you want.
 I will like to read your first blog post .

We understand how busy some people are . As such we offer blog desiging services at affordable  rates. If you want to get a blog done for you. Inbox us with the type of blog you want. We will revert to you with quotations.  With our service, we set your blog, install premium plugins, optimize it   among other things to equip you for blogging. A blog is one the  money making machine on the internet and as such, you need to get your blog well designed and Optimized for search engines.

After starting  a Blog, the next thing is to  Monetise it.
How do you plan to monetize you new blog?  You can let us know if you need some techniques .
 You can equally share some great techniques you are using to monetise your blog. Happy Blogging.

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  1. that's the reason why I always prefer Hostgator as web hosting. The company provides so many amazing features and services at affordable price value. Its C-panel is also simple and easy to handle. Hope i can easily manage self hosted blog after reading your post.

    1. Thanks fo your comment Sam. Hostgator indeed is a company you can trust fo all webhosting services. You can equally start up your webhosting account with HostGator using the HostGator reseller plan. HG offerS up to 75 percent dicount fo those interested in purchasing a reseller account.

    2. Thanks Angu Sir, I was unacquainted about to that offer but now i will must try that.

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