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The sales process of Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) are different. This is an important distinction when trying to market your company and increase your revenue. A description of each follows to help your business develop a lucrative marketing strategy for each avenue.
Business to Business Marketing
B2B deals with other businesses, not the general public, where the details of the product or service are stipulated. Extensive communication is required for the sell. A typical B2B action might involve manufacturing, fabrication and engineering design all requiring communication throughout the process.
If your small business is a B2B then your marketing approach should be geared towards creating a long-standing relationship and offering good customer service. Typically the sale cycle is longer, which gives the small business owner time to identify the right procurement or technical staff and to start building the relationship. Sometimes the sales cycle can be years long, making it difficult to keep the marketing material fresh and the relationship vital.
When marketing a B2B relationship, material must be geared towards the product or service and its value in meeting a need, saving time and money. The marketing material must have a justification to buy and specifics of the product or service listed.
Social tools become an important piece of the marketing strategy and a website should conduct business from introductions to the sale of products. When a company is looking for information about a specific product, like custom essay writingand needs it quickly, make sure the website provides all that's needed. Businesses, both buying and selling, are using every marketing means available which means: printed material, calls, websites and social media.
The common characteristics of a B2B sell are: relationship, target marketing, product specifics and long-term selling.
Business to Consumer Marketing
B2C deals with the final product and sells directly to the customer. As Chris Brogan says, "I think that B2C can be a bit more "here today, gone tomorrow" at times. A B2C sale is typically short, immediate and places a lot of emphasis on price, label and possibly design. What used to take a long time for comparing products can be done quickly through an internet search and usually involves emotion. Brand recognition may be important. The key to marketing is to get buyers as quickly as possible and retain them through coupons, offers, and targeted marketing. A website becomes important and delivers a message to attract customers. Use all forms of marketing: printed material, websites and social media but focus the message towards an emotional audience.
The common characteristics of B2C are: large target market, single step buying process, brand identity, and emotional buying.
Decide whether your small business is B2B or B2C, and slant your marketing to capture more clients and more profit.
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