Every active mobile money account is functional, thanks to a 5-digit number called the pin code. It is with the pin code that you can authorize funds withdrawal, send money,shop online, login online (web login),pay bills among others.

The MTN mobile money service is very important today as it can be used to pay for good and services. Many big companies can send invoices to be paid by mobile money. Talking about invoices, you can easily find invoice templates on zintego to send to clients to receive payment in any form, mobile money inclusive. 

You might find yourself in a situation where you think your account has been hacked, your mobile money pin code is too simple, or in a situation where you have completely forgotten your mobile money pin code. In this post, we will see how to change your mobile money pin code with MTN Cameroon and how to get a new pin code if you have forgotten your current pin code.  

Your pin is very important when it comes to making purchases and transferring money. With the increase in online activities in Cameroon, you can shop online on Jumia with MTN Mobile money account here.  Okay.

Let us get started with the Reset process

In this case you want to get a new number because you think someone can easily memorise your pin code.
Step1: Access the mobile money Menu by dialing *126#
Step2: Go to My account
Step 3: Reply with the number that corresponds to Change pin code
Step4: Enter current pin code
Step5: Enter new pin code.
  We are done you now have a new pin code. Make sure you can remember your pin code. without it you will not be able to have access to your funds.

  Tips to Creating a  Strong Pin Code 

1. Give the letters of the alphabet  numbers Use the first number to correspond to your favourite. 
2. Select the first or last letter of your names.
3. (First digit) Match the letter to your name( This can give either two digits or one)
4. Second digit: Choose any number from your phone number.
5. 3rd Digit: choose a number from your date of birth.
6. 4th digit : Match the first letter of your best car, animal or sport to a number and write it out 
7. If you choose a letter that gave you just one digit, the you can Use the first or last digit that corresponds to  firs letter of the   name of a naughty friend to make the  5th digit of your MoMo pin code. 
If you are always with your phone, then you can do what you think is best.


 How to Create a New pin code if you have Forgotten the current one( Pin Reset)
Step1: Access the mobile money Menu by dialing *126#
Step2: Go to My account
Step 3: Reply with the number that corresponds to Forgotten PIN code
Step4: You will  be sent a  code to your number by SMS .
  If you cannot have one, then call MTN Customer service  via 8787. Make sure you  type the number that corresponds to MTN Mobile money service. 
You are required to provide your date of birth, name and Id card number before the One time password (OT) will be sent to you. 
Step5:  With the OT sent to you. You can now create a new pin code for your account.
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  1. your tips for resetting the mobile money pin is incorrect

    1. Thank you. Can you share the correct one to us here?

  2. I have my mobile money account disconnected. How can I reactivate it?

    1. Just call the customer service at 7126 or 8787 for assistance. I am assuming you dont have the old pin code. If you do then you can still access your account.

  3. How to reactivate my mobile money account

  4. How to reactivate my mobile money account

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  7. Always amazing info to be found on this blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I want to change the name I used for my Mtn mobile money wallet, please what do I do. Thanks

  9. Pls my account hav being blocked and I can't remember my password also......any help????


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