Throughout my years in Cameroon I have seen only the big names making money in the digital technology world. I have been doing a research on how the public can also benefit from this wonderful digital world. How can technology help in unemployment in Cameroon? Everyone can tell how the call box business has grown in Cameroon and had been a major source of income to some families. Everyone cannot join this business. There are many ways we can start earning money ranging from Affiliate marketing, app development, blogging, MLMs and more. But all this require you to invest both time and money which most newbies rarely think about. I found out a great opportunity that can help you earn income while you help organization, companies, churches and individuals to pass on their information- advertise in a better way. All you need is time to promote and any money you invest yields you a profit. So if you are thinking about this then you can join the bulk SMS business .

 So how Can you start up as an SMS reseller?
If you are interested in starting up a bulk  SMS business, write an application to
And send to the email: . If your application is approved you will get a free reseller account and  three day training after which you are ready to make money. For those who are in foreign countries or have a busy schedule, you will be offered training via e-mail newsletters for 4 days and Skype.
 So what is the Role of a Bulk sms Consultant?
   As a Bulk SMS consultant, you  help businesses, institutions, families, corporate, churches, NGOs, farmers  and others  reach out  to their customers or loved ones using BulkSMS services.
How does it function?
This technology involves computer programming. We are not interested in the programming part. You don’t need to be a computer wizard to join the business. We have several bulk sms softwares that can assist you in starting up.
With the bulk sms technology,you can  send SMS to mobile phones with a set name (I am sure you might have seen an sms from orange or MTN without a number).    The delivery depends on the gateway used, route of delivery and network coverage
More than ten  thousands of messages can be sent at ONCE with you choosing any DESIRED NAME  with our bulk sms service right here in Cameroon.This is the name that will display on the receiver's phone as the SENDER'S NAME (Single click on send tab)
It is a very sure way to promote your product in Cameroon compared to radio and television. It will replace banners and poster that are all over our streets today.

How can this be reliable?
Our bulk sms in Cameroon is one of the best in   Cameroon.
Just think of the following.
You just have received a message from 8081(express union)
You might have received a message from a bank informing you of your account details or salary availability with the banks name.
You should have seen ‘’EXPRESS EXCHANGE messages on your phone’’
You probably have received a message from ‘’PRC’’ with content
‘’The president and the first lady wishes you a happy and prosperous new year’’
 So those are the people who are using bulk sms services. Think of investing your time and energy in bulk sms marketing .,

For those who want group training, you can send your proposal to and a schedule will be created for you. 
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