Your freedom installed
Xtrasurf key
From our last tutorial, I believe you should have Your freedom already on your pc. If you don’t have then read this post by clicking here
Ok let get to the matter at hand.
===>Connect your xtrasurf key.
===>Launch  your freedom
===>Let your freedom do automatic search for available servers.
===>Click on connect
===>Insert your freedom proxy in your browser (If you can’t do this leave a comment)

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  1. yeah thanks for the tutorial, it's been so helpful but i encountered a problem coz your freedom app gives me just 3hrs for free then i have to wait 2 days again to connect myself .... second point is the software your freedom gets obsolet along the way and it's asked to purchase a version that is not free !!!! thanks for answering me ASP

    1. That is right. You will have just three hours of free internet bro. We are just having fun with the free internet tricks. Ok if you want to get more you can purchase the complete version with PayPal. We can also assist you with online payment . You have to pay because the developers must eat and pay for their hosting. Thank you so much for your contribution.Have a wonderful day

  2. thanks sir! my xtra surf key cannot connect, asking me my bundle is finish. cant it connect directly with you username and password? and i dont know know how to insert my freedom info to browser. please help

    1. Hello bro. Your key should connect with your username and password. Network problems are very common with the key. just try updating the key . You just need to download your freedom and install.
      Let me know if there is anything more.

  3. how can i download the freedom app


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