Google Adsense scripts need to be parsed at times before inserting them on a web page. I have been doing this for some blogger templates when i want to insert the ad code directly in the blogger  HTML editor. 

I have explained in my previous post what parsing is and how it is done. There are several online tools that permits us to covert codes from one form to another.  For example, we can convert HTML to XML, html to python, C# to python Java to Ruby, Boo to Java  VB to C#,java to html among others. Some of these online converters are free while other are paid. Online parsing tools (parsers ) can be of  great importance as, it save your time when you want to convert ad codes from adbrite,adsense or any order code.

One of the challenges faced by blogger adsense publishers is the error message ''Your HTML code cannot be accepted'' when you add an ad code directly inside the template code editor. Parsing tools like the one you will see later are just the best option to solve this problem.

 Using the  Adsense Parsing/Ecoding /Escape Tools

Using the tools are very easy. All you need is to have the code that need to parse. After pasting it you either get the parsing done automatically (Automatic parsing Tool) or by clicking on a Parse button or Convert Button(Semi Automatic). This Will thus lead us to two main types: Automatic Parser and Semi-Automatic Parser. You can see how each tool look below


1. Automatic Html Escape Tool

 2. Semi-Automatic Online  Encoder

In this post we will go through some of the tools that we think are worth checking out. You can get use these tools to carry out specific task or just for fun.
The most popular converters are html to xml code converter.
You can read:

1. HTML to Xml Parser.
 This free online tool converts Adsense and other HTml codes into XML coding that will work with blogger templates.  You can try out this tool at 

2. Blog Crowd HTML PARSER: 
Blog crowds offer another greate tool that can  help blogger users to add adsense codes on blogger templates.  The Blog crowd parser is written in php. You can try this tool by Checking out Blog Crowd

3.  Free Adsense Code Online Parser Tool
This tool is very good for newbies as the author had put in place a step by step guid on how to get the code  and how to add it to the blogger template.  You code is parsed after clicking on the Encode button on the tool. The Tool is availble here

4. Blogger sentral htmle Esacape Tool. 
This HTML  encoder .In addition to this tool you can get SEO tools and character counter on Bloggers Sentral. Using this tool is very simple as the encoding process is automatic. Once you paste the code in the code box, the converted code automatically shows as out put in another code box.
To Enjoy this tools, Go to blogger Central PARSER Tool  page

5.  Parse HTML for Blogger XML templates offers another great parsing tool that can be used create ad codes compatible with blogger HTML templates. The  free encoding tool has an option to Clear the code without refreshing the page.  If you wan to try this tool, then  pay a visit to HtmlParse

6. HelpLogger   Adsense Code Converter
also offers a tool that converts Java code so that it is compatible with blogger templates. It has been a perfect tool for parsing adsense,chitika ,adbrite and other java script codes. If you want to escape characters that are not supported by in your templates, then consider trying out this adsense code converter.
7.  Adsense Ad Code Converter HTML to XML brings to you another great code CONVERTER. This tool comverts HTML to XML .
This tool  is dsiplayed as a single box and funtions as follows
* Go to
*Paste the HTML code in the tool
*Click on convert.
    You can convert more codes by clicking on the clear button. Hope you will give a try to this tool.
8. Blogger Tip HTML TO XML Parser Tool
 Blogger tips brings to you another great HTML TO XML parsing tool that can be used by adsense publishers to  parse ad codes This tool had been tested with adbrite and chitika as well. The tool converts the code automatically. Using this tool is easy as it require no technical knowledge. You major role when using this tool is to know how to get the code and how to paste it.

 Let us go beyond adsense here.
9. Telerik  C# TO VB and VB to C#   Code Converter
Telerik Code Converter can be used to convert C# to VB and vice versa. This can be done by selecting the direction of conversion from the drop down located above the code box.  This tool is free to use.
10.  VARY CODE Multi  Code Converter
Vary code is one important code converting tool that we need to check out. This tool converts C#, VB,Java, C++,Ruby,Python to one another as mentioned here.  This tool is available for both free and paid users. Paid users will have access to more languages while free users are limited to particular coding languages. The tool has the ability to detect automatically what the source code is and converts it to the desire language.  We thus term Vary Code the ''Big Man'' when it comes to converting codes from one form to another.
     Thank you for checking out mys list. These tools are the tools i often use, i know there might be some excellent tools i have not mentioned. As seen in my post i just needed ten. However we can continue the list in the comment section. Code parsers should be used for small lines of codes. There cannot be guaranteed to be 100% effective. As such, you are required to make use of your own coding skills to correct any errors if necessary.
  What do you think  about parsing Adsense codes and other codes?
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