RANSBIZ is a start-up Tech service company that operates an internet cafĂ© and offer Business-to-Business (B2B) technology services. The main services offer by RANSBIZ include Internet Services, Bulk SMS, Online Marketing/Blogging, e-commerce Solutions, Web Management, Web Development, customer services,  and outsourcing.
RANSBIZ is a  technology  blog  in Cameroon for tutorials and feature topics on; making money online, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Technology News, blogging , Free internet tips, Social media ,Bulk Sms marketing, earning with Google AdSense, how to  shop online  in Cameroon, Mobile phones and  entrepreneurship .

We also bring to your technology news in Cameroon related to Mobile money Cameroon,Use of credit cards in Cameroon ,Online payment in Cameroon, the use of Pay Pal, MTN Cameroon, Camtel, Jumia, Kaymu and  Nexttel and Orange  and others.

RANSBIZ is created in an effort to promote the use of technology and internet  in Cameroon especially by the youths.  One of our main objectives is to make the youths understand that the internet can be used   to make money legally.  We believe we can reduce the rate of scamming by sharing  ‘’how to’’ tips and creating awareness on the use of some products and services.

We are looking forward to reach the public in the future through seminars .

 we are also working on  some projects. If you are interested in knowing more about our projects, you can send us an email via
ransom@ransbiz.com or ransbiz@live.com 
 we will be happy to welcome mails from you.
How can we improve on our work? what suggestions do you have? are you satisfied with our work? Do  you want to give us a tip or a keep up message or just  say courage with some  dollars? Contact: ransom@ransbiz.com. We love to hear from great mind like you.



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