Thank you for visiting pur donation page. We are out to share knowledge and teach youths how to use digital technology to improve their thinking and  as a means to start a living.We help others earn from our site,pay for internet connection,pay  for our domain name ,hosting and others.We welcome any contribution from you no matter how small/big it is.

We believe we can make it with your help.  It will give us a chance to
-expand our project to reach more people teaching them on how to make use of digital technology.
-Employ more youths to work with us.
-organize seminars offline on online entrepreneurship and digital marketing
-Improve our service quality among others.
You can always reach us to know more about what we are doing at

You contributions will go along way to help us improve on our work.  If you are interested in promoting our activities through donations,then you can use the following methods

In Cameroo:Mobile money
Mtn: 676664922
Orange: 698827699

All bank transfers to
Account No: 02250449686-69
Swift code:   SGCMCMCX
Name of Bank:  Société Générale  Cameroun(SGC)


All things to be sent through the post office should be sent to
Angu Ransom Azeh
C/o Global e-comerce Douala,
5s 108 Road Bepanda Casmando,
Po Box 2019
tel: 237 69 88 276 99

For any form of donation. Contact us through the email
Thanks for making our dreams come true
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