1.  Beware of Hackers
There are several ways hackers and scammers can get access to your funds with simple tricks.  Some of them includes: fake USSD codes, one click validation codes and others. Just to create awareness, hopefully in our hacking series, we will see Mobile money hacking so that you can get yourself fully protected.
   As a security tip, you should not share your secret code with just anybody. Also ensure that you stick to the use of a single USSD code ( *126# for MTN Cameroon and #150# for Orange) . Also visit RANSBIZ for updates on Mobile Money services.

2.  Doing an online transaction
When doing an online transfer (MTN Mobile Money), Make sure you click just once on send or else your transfer will be duplicated. This occurs when you are on a slow connection.  
To do a successful online transaction, you will need your mobile phone ( for authentication and confirmation) . Thus there is nothing like 100% online mobile money service.
Lastly for you to successfully buy online, you will equally need your mobile phone to confirm transaction.

3. Sending money to the wrong number
When you send money to the wrong number with MTN or Orange money, below are the following things you can do
i.                   Call the sender and request for money to be sent back if the person is a subscriber.
ii.                 Wait for the money to be sent back if the number does not exist. This is particular tom Orange money subscribers.
iii.              Call customer service to reverse the transaction if it is a transfer option (Token).
iv.              Don’t communicate money transfer code if you have sent money to the wrong number.

4.  Wrong Pin( Secrete Code)
*If you enter the wrong pin more than three times, your account will be blocked.
* You can change you pin from the main menu
MTN Cameroon: (*126#  ‘’My Account’’=è ‘’change Pin’’)
Orange Money: ( #150#  ‘’My Account’’=è ‘’change Pin’’)
*If you forgot your pin code, call the customer service 8787 MTN AND 950 for Orange money) and prepare the following information: 
-Date of birth
-ID Card Number-Phone number.-Name 

5.  Mobile Money Charges
Mobile money charges exist. At the moment, account to account charges exist for MTN Mobile Money.
*When sending money to someone make sure you include the charges that the person will pay for withdrawal. E.g if you want to send 10 000, send 10150. Or 10200 to cover up withdrawal charges.
    You can read our post on Mobile money charges to get more information.

6.  Cashing out a Mobile Money  transfer
For you to successfully cash out a mobile money transfer, you will need to present a transfer code to the agent.  
7.    Account to Account Transfer with Mobile Money

When sending money from one account(MTN or Orange Money) to another, make sure you confirm the name of the person you are sending too, if not you will  have to go through some trouble shooting which can take you one-three weeks if you want to get your cash back. You can equally lost money if you fail to do. 
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