The internet community in Cameroon will increased as those betting on local betting companies (Off line betting) such as Premier Games,Paris foot and others will tend to give a try with betting on their smart phones at home or at work. This digital innovation is brought about by the betting company BetmobileMoney (BetMomo). This service is made possible with the help of the Mobile Money services of MTN and Orane Cameroon.   Let us get a brief about what BetMomo is all about.
You might learn how to Bet on Betmomo if you had been interested in betting or is a regular bettor offline(in the kiosk or betting halls).

                         What is BetMoMo
Betmomo is the 1st online betting website in Cameroon where you can bet live matches or prematches on your mobile phone or computer. With Betmomo you can recharge your account with MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money ,Paypal and VISA. There are claims that the website offers 1000 F bonus to new members.
                                How Does BetMomo Works?
 Using Betmomo is simple if you are used to betting.
*Create your account,
*Verify the account,
*Fund the account with MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money.
* Select a game and place your bet. You can Place your bets online using your phone(App and web) or Computer(Web).
 Users of Betmomo can equally benefit on latest news and games around the world. Transfer news and trending soccer news always make up the top on Betmomo. 
Bettors facing difficulties can make use of the online live support too.
                  Games on BetMomo
You can bet single and multiple games on Betmomo. Betmomo support  football,hockey,basketball, tennis and other games for betting. More details can be found on the official website

Betmomo mobile App can be downloaded on the official website. Note that you will need to download the betmomo apk before installing. Once you have installed the app, then you can login and start betting online in Cameroon .  
To use the app; *Download the apk app for free ,* Install it and *Bet. Its as simple like that.  
This will allow you to use all the functionalities of the web version such placing bets, recharging your account and withdrawing . The website is equally mobile friendly to those who will like to use the web version on their mobile phone. 

Online betting and Online Betting companies are not very popular in Cameroon . BetMomo being the pioneer online betting company based in Cameroon and supporting local payment methods  is a digital innovation to the gambling industry in Cameroon. Companies like PMUC  are said to allow people to bet on their mobile phones especially to Orange Cameroon subscribers. We might look into this digital innovation in the future.

 It is important to note that though BetMomo is the first and most popular online betting company based in Cameroon. Some companies with a good offline presence in Cameroon like Premier Bet (Premier Games Cameroon) equally offer a similar service on their website, with users being able to deposit with MTN Mobile Money and Orange Money Cameroon as well. 

Other websites that offer betting to Cameroonians equally exist, but are not based in Cameroon and equally does not support the local payment methods that common bettors can afford. Xbet,Bet365, among others allow users from Cameroon to use NEOSURF. Feel free to mention any other site in the comment section available to Cameroonians and how people can deposit funds in their accounts.

The rise of online betting websites and companies in Cameroon will lead to an increased online presence and consequently an increase in the online activity and digital marketing communities in Cameroon.  Feel free to mention to us.

What is your opinion on the Digital innovation in the betting industry by BetmobileMoney(BetMoMo)?

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