As i always said, if i could have the opportunity to create another world, then the first thing i will say is ''Let they be Free Internet''. After my last post  On how to get Free Internet with Opera and Psiphon i got many request from Uganda for a post on free internet. We have tried some tricks which we will share with you in this post. Always remember we recommend you to pay for your internet services as free internet is not always the best option when you have important things to do. Anyway let us have fun.

                   Free Internet With Psiphon Pro APP

The Psiphon Pro App  is well known by Uganda techies after social media Apps were blocked.

The Psiphon app  is an app that secure and encrypt the user’s data. This app combines SSH, HTTP, and VPN Proxy technology which can be exploited by the user to get unlimited and uncensored internet access.

Psiphon Pro VPN is  the best App now for access to free and unlimited internet.  In addition to the sveral users, you get VPN features for free. One of the most important use of this app never mentioned is that  its users have the ability to configure it to have access to  free unlimited internet. 

Free internet I mean. Free acess to the web, free access to you tube videos,free access to facebook, free access to cryptoafria and more without any data. That’s

This App has some interesting features such as:

 *Free download

* It is one of the best tunneling app.

*Access to a large number of protocol compared to other VPNs

*Handshake obfuscation which helps in protecting you when your internet is being censored.
*You can customize the proxy settings to suit you.

       Watch the Video on How to Configure this
Lol, that is it. Connect your phone and start browsing for free. This works for both MTN AND Airtel Uganda

NB: Use your default access point setting!!

 FOR Airtel Uganda Users, use the following settings
 Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Port: 8080 

This did not work? Okay read this trick to make it work with Opera Mini

                      BONUS  Free Internet Trick#1
MTN UGANDA Funny Free Internet Trick
This trick works with MTN Uganda. You will need an MTN UGANDA simcard,a smart phone and an active mobile money account
1. Dial *165*2# and  then OKAY.
2. Choose matching choice eg 1 for your number or 2 for another number and tap OK.
3. Enter any amount of your choice eg 500 and tap 0K.
4. Input your MM Pin and confirm transaction.
  That is it. You can then browse for free on your phone.
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