It is very easy to create an MTN Mobile money account since the user is not required to fill long forms.

MTN mobile money is one of the most used electronic payment option accepted in shops, online shops , betting sites, petrol stations among others.  I think in a digital economy of today, everyone should be looking to get digital with his/her services , mobile banking inclusive. In this post, we are going to see how to create an MTN mobile money in Cameroon.

                       Method1: At an MTN Service Center
Step1: Get a photocopy of your ID card ,1000XAF and your mobile phone to the nearest MTN service center.
Step1: Present the document to the agent and   wait for confirmation .
 Step3: A one time pin code (OTP) will be sent to you which you will use to acess your account for a limited time. 
Step4: When you access your account, change the OTP and enter a pin code of 5 digit which will represent your security code ( Access to transfer and withdrawals).
          Avoid using date of birth and  part of phone numbers in your pin code to stay safe from hackers and crackers.
You can now make deposits , pay online, send money to your love ones and  enjoy all the fun that MTN MoMo got. 

       Method 2: Using USSD CODE
 If you cannot find yourself near an  MTN Mobile money agent, then consider doing it yourself by following the simple steps below. The USSD code here is used to create MTN Cameroon mobile money account. If you are from Ghana,Nigeria or Kenya please consider calling MTN customer service to request for mobile money USSD codes.

Step1: Dial *126#
Step3: Reply with the option (register or create account).
step4: Enter you name, ID card numbers and others.
step5: After entering all details as required, you will be sent an OTP which you will use to create a pin for your account.
   If you have succeeded to create a pin code for your account, then you are ready to experience real mobile banking and the e-money with MTN Cameroon. 
   How did your create your first mobile money account?

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