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Dear  fans of RANSBIZ, I know you are always here for business or tech. Cameroon is my country and I will like to talk about Cameroon women due to what I have noticed. Thanks for visiting this blog.
Over the past years, I have been searching on Google Cameroonian girls. However   what I saw was not   really the image which our girls here have. What I saw was about sex with them, how cheap they are just to name but few. This is quiet a wrong impression about our ladies here home. If you come across a prostitute some where then it is not a good idea to generalize it to all Cameroon ladies.
I know they are ‘’bad’’ ones.  These are those who are lazy and want easy fast cash. This is by selling themselves out for sex. Some parts in Douala have the majority of such ladies since it is the economical capital. Some are not even of the Cameroon origin.  Here are the qualities my good Cameroonian girls have.  It is time you know who a Cameroon   girl is. Cameroon is divided into ten regions. Each region is divided into divisions. A Division has clans with a variety of cultures. There is no unique culture here in Cameroon. However the following qualities are possessed be a real Cameroon lady
Qualities of a Cameroon woman

1.       She is respectful;
A  Cameroon lady respects her husband, country, family, friends and all. There is no discrimination with regard to ethnicity, country or race. Every person is treated equally by a Cameroonian girl. Some ladies even stay away from their jobs because they have respect for their husbands, Husband respect the Cameroon lady too. Let respect be mutual.
 2.  Adaptable:  we have  variety of cultures here in Cameroon. However, we have people from Say Buea staying in Edea. This is because of the ability to adapt to different cultures. We also have Cameroon ladies all over the world. Some have naturalized and behave as typical ‘’foreigners’’ . 
3.  Productive:  I remember the old days when I was with my mum.  She was able to work in the farm and cultivate crops which she market and take care of us. Toady most of our ladies do not like agriculture. However I know girls in the North-west and south-west region are still engaged in these activities especially during holidays.  A Cameroon lady will not like to sit idling. You always see them trying to learn a trade or an art. That is why if you visit our cities you see many ladies sewing dresses, selling fashion products, selling traditional products, operating saloons etc. They always like to have something doing. The lazy ones engage themselves into prostitution which gives them little cash from cheap unsafe sex. That is the world of today such girls are everywhere in the world. Some even love this. Get BIG YOU CHEAP LADY.
4. Caring     : If you want to know the real meaning of care then a Cameroon lady will tell you. A Cameroon lady ensures his man get everything he need in time. She also ensures that his man is happy. She makes herself available for his man to be happy. She hates to see her man or family as a whole hurt. Note that a true Cameroon lady loves the mother. She will not like a man to talk negatively about her mum.
5. Participative: Cameroon ladies like to take part in activities both at home and the society in General. They are always they to support their husband in all domains of life. They are willing to make their voices heard. However some men usually stop them from doing this. They accept because of the respect they have for their husbands. They participate in all domains in the country such as sports, education and so on.
6. COOKING; Cameroon has a variety of dishes such as achu, eru, bongo chobin, poo fish, nkok, fufu-corn, waterfuffu, just to name but few. Our ladies can prepare these dishes very well. However with the westernization of Cameroon, most of them have become experts in preparing dishes from many countries  around the world such as American dishes, Chinese dishes, Senegalese, Malian dishes etc. Note that learning how to cook is the simplest lesson you can give to a Cameroon lady.
7. Sociable:  Cameroon ladies have so many social characters. We have many ladies who are musicians singing bikutsi,  makossa, afro hip hop, etc. writing about the sociability of our ladies can be another post. Just discover a Cameroon lady and see who she is.

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Cameroon girls
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