Mobile technology has evolved in Cameroon to an extent that even my grand ma can use a smart phone
With the coming of smart phones communication and entertainment had be greatly improved upon. One aspect that has been of interest to me is the mobile games.  From the popular brick game, we used to play to java games and today, we experienced another situation in the gaming industry which still got a long way so far as ‘’made in Cameroon Games’’ is concern.  The gaming industry is a billion-dollar industry. The gaming industry is an industry in Cameroon to watch.
Cameroon Kiro Game studio Game Screen Shots             

I have classified games as; popular games, Casino for the ‘’big guns’’ and die hard gamers, Made in Cameroon Games and games from Cameroon Gaming website. Let us get started.

Games Made in Cameroon
Welcome to Cameroon games. Here we are checking out what Cameroonians are doing so far as gaming is concern.  So far as I know Kiro Games is the leader so far as games are concern in Cameroon for the moment.  . With the increasing number of developers, I believe many Cameroon games will come into my list. Please feel free to mentioned other game developers in Cameroon in the comment section.  I know very Few Cameroonians are playing game from Kiro Studios . The reason is that  there are premium games   Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan  You can give this game a try and return to me with feed back.

 Games from Cameroon Gaming Sites
 There are some game websites created to help Cameroonians have access to mobile phone games using payment methods in Cameroon. So far, the major payment method had been through airtime credit. We hope to have plat form where we can pay with MTN mobile money Orange money and Bitcoin.  The key players in the gaming industry as of now are the Telecom companies mainly MTN , Nexttel and Orange,  Huawei Cameroon
*Orange Game Loft:  
*Mtn Paly Games:
*  MTN Game

The Popular Game Types (Free Games)
If you have been in Buea or Bamenda then you know what it means to say ‘’ Popular side’’
Let me get things down bro. don’t border, this is tech in Cameroon and it must be done this way.  Here I am talking about the games we can easily find on play store  for Android phone users, game we can find on apple store for iphone and ipad users, Windows store for windows phone users and what you can think of. There are some store like opera store, nokia store etc where you can get free games too. We have majority of the population in this category because of the lack of credit cards. As such mobile game players in this category are just using what they have missing out excellent features provided by game developers. Here are some of the games I have noticed Cameroonians playing. Super Mario, Xtreme, Candy crush, Game of thrones and you can name the rest. You can mention your favorite game type in the comment section.

Online Casino Games
 Casino games today can be accessed on App or by using QR codes which is why we can mention them when talking about mobile games.
 Online Casino games are for the big and die hard as they say. Online Casino games are played by people who are advance in gaming.  Ok. So far   the only online gaming site offering Casino Games in Cameroon I know is Betmomo. However, some few Cameroonians who has spent some time in Europe or those advance with gaming try to use their mobile phones to access top online casino games Online Casino games are played by people who are advance in gaming. People earn money playing games on  Online Casino game websites or apps.  players are advised to consider other factors when playing games online or using the mobile phones

Why Games?

The Gaming industry is an industry we can make money in in Cameroon. It is not just for fun. We can earn playing games, developing games, developing games stores like MTN Game+ and others.  This is why you are reading this. It is time to  have you own share of this billion dollar industry.

 This post is to create an awareness of the various game options we can consider when using our mobile phones or when we are connected to the internet.   Having good gaming skills is very important as it can build your intellectual skill, reduce stress and act as a source of income.

   The Game Players
People like Li Peng, Sumail Hassan, Peter Dager Clinto Loomis, and Sahil Arora  makes more than 2 million dollars( About 1+ billion CFA)  playing games online every year. If you have such skills, then  practicing  can just make you perfect. Make money when you think you are the best in playing games.   Come back and let your name feature on RANSBIZ as a top game earner in Cameroon. 

Share your thoughts so far as the gaming industry in Cameroon is concerned.  
Who is the game changer so far as gaming is concern in Cameroon?
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  1. The gaming industry is really huge and a lot of money can be made if you work in a proper way

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  3. Games have turned into an addictive type of action as they give perpetual diversion. google feud


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