How to use Microsoft word online

1.     Internet connection
2.     Computer
3.     Microsoft account

Millions of people are addicted to the Microsoft word in typing documents, writing HTML, calendars, designing certificates and more. The big question what will you do if you find your self on a computer with no Microsoft word installed?
Don’t worry if you can access the internet with this computer then all is well. You might also love to remain on one window without minimising to type a document on another window. Follow the following steps and enjoy word just on a new tab.

Step 1
 Visit or and sign in if you have an account or sign up if you don’t have one .
Step 2
Click to the top right of your account where on the v next to i.e between and +new
 Step 3
The following will be displayed. 

Select Microsoft online. You will be taken to a new tab where you can conveniently enjoy your favorite word processor. You can choose to open a blank document,template or a recent document here. all documents are saved on  Microsoft one drive which you can access using step one  above by selecting one drive  .You can also save on your computer direcly. you have the choice now.

Note that instead of taking a new document you can select template and use the template that you think is of importance to you. Enjoy Microsoft products

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