Cracking the XTRA surf key had been a talk to all those interested in unlocking modems.
There are several ways this can be done. I will share a simple tutorial here and show you a link to software where you can download and do some adventure.
WIMAX manger ( For mac OS download here download here and for Windows here
Beceem Wireless Communications Manage (  can be gotten here for windows
Wimax key
Wimax sotware installed

- Connect your key and ensure the red light is on(on your key)
- Launch    Beceem Manager and  do the following
 click to connect device .==>click on mac idè return your new mac  and click on write and wait untill you get an error message.
At this point, Click on exit and disconnect your key.

        Launch  Wimax manager and  carry out the the following procedure.
Go to connection tool and click on-select expert and click on your key e.g wimax820
Then go to history  and mark the three ‘’boxes’’ .

Now connect your key .
When Wimax maneger connects your key. Click on disconnect
Enter your Id and password and click connect
Wait for about 30seconds to a minute

Now close wimax manager, remove your key from the computer-reconnect the key and launch wimax manager and enjoy.

Seem Tough? Try this or check out my tutorial using your freedom.

If you want to use software, copy the link below and download Xtra surf hack. If you are faced with any problems, let me know. Please just come back here and leave ac comment. I don’t receive calls or email for free internet.
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  1. Bros thx for this article to crack xtra surf key.I tried using beceem version 3.5.0 but on the process, wen I click the first 'connect device', I see device connect. But I can't see the other button you mentioned . and for using freedom, it connects well but I don't know where to check the IP and how to add to my browser. Need some help. Thx once more.

    1. Hello Emmanuel I am happy to know these tips are help full you.
      I cannot figure out the buuton you are talking about.
      What version of Your Freedom are you using?
      Mobile or PC? free or paid?
      Hope you will come back for details

  2. Thx sir! I mean when using the beceem to crack the xtra surf key, first I press on connect device, then Mac id, then read, after write. But I don't see any error message. Then when I continue the process, in my connection manager, click on expert login, only a window for password which I tried my xtra soft browser password it didn't work. Then for my freedom, version begins with 2016. Its a free my freedom. Thx, God bless you!


  4. Thank you all for your patience.
    Several views.
    Many Comments.
    Lots of requests for MIXED.

    Get the links:

    Please provide any feedback feedback

  5. merci à vous pour votre travail effectue en nous aidant sur les Astuces, j'ai un soucis au niveau des Exigence les Liens postés là haut Wimax manager et Gestionnaire Beceem ne sont pas téléchargeable chez moi je suis aller même a google mais rien s'il vous plais que quelqu'un puisse m’aide merci.

    1. If it is possible share screen shots on my profile at

  6. hello guys i sujest lets create a whatsapp group for all those interested and we an then share the new hacks and tricks. if be the case, my number 652145640

  7. you bru is it still going i mean is it still working


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