Jumia Travel has added online flight reservation  to its Online hotel  Booking services.Very few websites offer quality  online booking services in Africa and especially in Cameroon. Nigeria and Kenya have some excellent online booking services. However it is not the same for all of Africa.  Many people in Cameroon usually make use of booking services recommended by a friend which usually end up very good or sad at times.  Jumia Travel has made it a moment of happiness to all those who wants to reserve flights online in Africa.

                                             What is Jumia Tavel?

What is Jumia Travel?  Jumia travel formerly known as Jovago is an Online booking website with more than 400 000 hotels available for booking. The Company started in 2013 with big names like MTN,Orange,AXA,Rocket Internet,Millicom among others. The company has as it aim to  make accomodation available online for customers to book it with little stress. 

Jumia Group popularly known for its online shopping sevices  has hit the online world of Afica with another geat service '' Fligt Reservation i''
This service is brought to the public thanks to the  Africa’s leading online hotel booking  company JUMIMA TRAVEL . 
On wedenesday , the 22nd of February ,2017, Jumia  Travel  Cameroon made an official launching of its Flight reservation service to Cameoonians. The service is  has been introduced, in an effort to facilitate travelling across Africa and the wold at large.  The launching took place in the presence of top press men in Cameroon and bloggers based in Douala, Cameroon. 
Some Bloggers in Cameroon Present duing the Launcch

The launching of Jumia Flight Services will benefit the Jumia customers locally and internationally.  

Jumia Travel Flight Service
  Jumia with its partners will offer Flight reservation services on  travel.jumia.com/flights where customers will be able to visit,find , compare ,book flight and buy air tickets  from some top Airline companies the  operate in the continent of Africa.
                         According to the Jumia Travel team, another reason for the launching of the Flight service is to promote Tourism in Africa. The launching of the service in Douala on the 22nd of February 2017,  Jumia travel assured the public they will provide services that will make access easy to African and Universal Destinations. Jumia travel equally recognises  flight market as a huge market in Africa and will put all measures to maintain its position as the Number one online booking and Flight Reservation company in Africa. 
Jumia Travel website Showing The Flight Services

This was described in the official press release as  Maintaining ''Off-the beaten Path''  Travel Solutions

The Jumia Travel Team  added that , the launching of Jumia Travel flight service for travellers, is a step to expand it services and offer Africans and fans of Africa quality Flight Services in Africa.  This makes Jumia Travel not just the No 1 Online booking company but the No 1 Hotel booking and Flight Reservation Company in Africa.
  Jumia Travel   has made available domestic and International flight to the Public thanks to its partnership with some top airline companies in Africa.  Some of the companies includes: Ethiopian Aiways, Emirates,Fly Dubai Airline,KLM, South Africa Airways, Rwandair, Air Arabia,Turkish Airlines, Qatar airways and the list continues.     To See a the complete list of offers by African Airline companies, visit

                                     Jumia Travel Reservation Website


The launching of Jumia Travel Flight Service is  a new step for us as we aim to be the leading African Online Travel Agency, providing best customer experience for the travellers. It is also part of our broader program to create a one stop travel shop providing accommodation, packages, and flights all on the same platform, in a bid to streamline travel in Africa Paul Midy - CEO of Jumia Travel.
Africa accounts for only 3% of the world's air traffic, making it a potential market in the years ahead. This can be seen in the increasing demand  from growing African economies and the rise in the middle class population.

According to  The International Air and Transport Association ( IATA ) , they will be a strong growth of about 4.8 % in the number of  air transport passengers  in Africa by 2021. The launching of this service by Jumia Travel is thus  seen as a strategic commitment to provide a  permanent solution  to The Travellers Problem in Africa. .   

Getting international flights, Cheap flights and direct flights to Africa will be made easy with the coming of this service, thanks to the large number of partners Jumia Travel has .
To stay Updated with the Jumia Tavel Flight Service, Use the Harshtag #FlyWithJumia   on social Media or visit Jumia Travel

 I am ready to fly with Jumia, what about you? 
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