#Harshtags are used on social media to group people talking about a similar topic or event. Social media like twitter,facebook,instagram,Google plus and lately LinkedIn are well know for promoting events ,services and products with Harshtags.  We have observe a great trend in Cameroon #Harshtags on social media this year. Precisely Facebook,twitter and Instagram.In this post we are going to see some of the most popular harsh tags that were used in the year 2016  in Cameroon. 

But, Why Hashtags?

Harshtags are not done for fun . Digital marketers and social media marketers make use of #harshtags or #harshtag campaigns to generate leads or make sales. There are harshgtag research tools that can help you get the most popular tags if you want to use social media marketing as your marketing strategy. 

Some tools like Harshtagify, sprout social, hootsuite, addstream and other are some tools worth checking out.  Harshtags can be used to achieve whatever objective you want to achieve. Some include to make sales, to make a revolution, to fight, promote and event, promote a brand and more.

Harshtags help people to find and follow discussions. Social media marketers equally use harshtags to track the performance of their promotions.

If you want to use harshtags in marketing on social media make sure there are unique and not too long.  Let us get to see some of  the best harshtags we could get on social media in Cameroon. 

1.  #BidoungChallenge (#BidoungMKPattchallenge)

 The #BidoungChallenge  won the  harshtag of the year. This harshtag came up after a minister in Cameroon greeted the president with too much respect.
 The #BidoungChallenge featured on several blogs on the Web including the BBC,France 24 and others.  #BidoungChallenge brought together  the millitary ,cats,rats,babies ,musicians and  what you can imagine.

The  #BidoungChallenge  at the moment i am updating this post has  feature on 15 pages on Google for refine search and more than 25 pages for the keyword #BidoungChallenge. An estimate of 47 000 results  are available on Google.com.  The  #BidoungChallenge was trending on facebook,twitter and insatgram.

We thank the author  (Hanson Nfor Nchanji ) of this challenge for making Cameroonians to smile and have fun as it came when the country is experiencing numerous strike action and loss of lives. 
  Digital marketers used this challenge equally to produce videos which gave exposure to their brands and challenge. We could equally see photoshoping skills exhibited by graphic designers in Cameroon   and beyond, thanks to  #BidoungChallenge.

2. #EtooPeut 
Screen shot showing the latest #Etoopeut harshtag after After ETOO received the player of the year award in Dubai.

 The #Etoopeut harshtag had equally made the social media atmosphere of Cameroon busy. This harshtag was created by MTN Cameroon after The Cameroonian soccer player Samuel Eto  was chosen as an MTN ambassador.
 The tag had been used to promote and market MTN products including MTN 4G smart phone.
 The harshtag is still being used today when Eto'o achieve some thing great  among others. #etopeut

3. #JeCreetomorrow 

Vodafone Cameroon made its entry into  the Cameroon telecom market with the #JeCreetomorrow Harshtag . #JeCreetomorrow harshtag  is the official Vodafone social media tag use in promoting vodafone services and products.  The promoted harsh tag could get the initial Vodafone subscribers which had not been made official.

4.  #Eseka

   The eseka train crash that led to 79 deaths in Cameroon is the source of  #eseka . The accident that occurred on the 21st of October 2016 marks one of the black days in Cameroon. The harshtag was used to pass messages to those involve in the crash as well as in discussion about the accident on twitter and Facebook.

5. #MTN4GTurbo 

The launching of MTN 4G SERVICES could be made know on social media thanks to the  #MTN4GTURBO harsh tag. MTN Cameroon is the author of this harshtag. It is being used to promote and market the 4G services and devices . 

 6. #Laquitinie

The #Laquitinie tag can be found on twitter and facebook on discussions about the #Laquitinie Hospital in Douala,Cameroon.  The  #Laquitinie  is used mainly to criticise bad job being done at the Hospital. The story of the pregnant woman who lost her life on the 21st of  March, 2016 as a result of poor medical attention made the #Laquitinie Harshtag to go viral making it a popular  harshtag in Cameroon this year.  It was used more on facebook than twitter.

7. #SaveAglophones 
 The rise of the anglophone problem in Cameroon is very trending on social media .  The use of the tag #SaveAglophones is very popular The tend is increasing everyday especially on twitter.This tag is accompanied with harshtags like #Independence #federation #ambazonia, #TheAglophoneproblem among others.  

8.  #CANFEM2016  
 The 2016  Female Nations cup that took place in Cameroon in the towns of Limbe and  Yaounde was being promoted with the harshtag #CANFEM2016. Congratulations to the  Nigerian team once more for  their victory. The nations cup harshtag in Cameroon was accompanied with harshtags  like #lionnes #allezleslionnes #lionneindomptable #AWCON2016 ,  #afcon, #Limbe, #Yaounde #Cameroon and #womenempowerment.

9. #TT237
#TT237 is another popular  harshtag  used to promote events in Cameroon .  We could find entrepreneurship events,entertainment events among others being promoted with this harshtag.

10. #SuppotLawyers
This harsh tag is used to follow  discussions about the ongoing strike by anglophone lawyers. 

11. #SupportTeachers 
Teachers in anglophone schools in the Nortwest and South West Regions are currently on an indefinite strike action. To follow up the strike, use the #supportTeachers. 

12.  #Cameroon(#cameroun)

The #cameroon harshtag is among the top tags use in Cameroon this year. Howver there was no special event that this was used .  It was used to associate any event,incident or message directed to Cameroonians. This harshtag can be found on twitter ,facebook and Instagram.

13. #Bamenda 

#Bamenda tag had been use this year in relation to most events that are taking place in Bamenda. The harshtag went viral after youths lost their lives during the peaceful protest in Bamenda.  The harsh tag is being used everyday . This harsh tag is used together with harstgags like #buea #kumba  and #boycot.

14. #JU2016(university games)

The university games is one big event that always take place in Cameroon every year. This years university games that took place in SOA was promoted with the harshtag #JU2016. It was really difficult for us to distinguish the JU2016 of Cameroon and those of other countries. Hopefully by the next university games, we expect to see a unique university games #harshtag.  After everything we made it right.  #JUSoa or #UGSoa would had been perfect.  This harshtag was accompanied by #soa.

15.  #MissCameroon2016
The event of beautiful Women in Cameroon was promoted with the Harshtag #misscameroon2016. The harshtag was more popular on twitter than facebook. Harshtags use during this period equally include #black  ,#blackmodels, #photomodels , #runwaymodel,     #photographers  and #models


The bloggers forum that held in Douala, Cameroon brought bloggers from around Cameroon to share their experiences and contribute to the growth of blogging in Cameroon as a whole. The even took place on the 11 and 12th of October at Institute Francaise and Hotel GICAM respectively. The event was promoted with the harsh tag #BlogForumDlala . The harshtag featured among the top 20 tags used in Cameroon this year. 

17. #Bokoharam

 Bokoharam is a terrorist group based in Nigeria operating in Cameroon and Nigeria. The group had caused a lot of instability in the economies of these two countries. The popular #bokoharam harshtags is used to follow up stories about bokoharam activities and news.

18. #PrayforCameroon

The numerous tragic incidents that took place in Cameroon were accompanies with the harshtag. #PrayforCameroon. The harshtag  was used during the eseka crash,the dead of the woman in laquitinie,the collapse of the Douala-Yaounde high way,the dead of youths in Bamenda,the beating of students in Buea, the destruction of the Foncha's statue in Douala,after the suicide bomber killed two people in the Far North  on the 25th of December and you can continue naming them. #PrayforCameroon

19.  #Team237

 Team237 just like TT237 is equally used to promote events in Cameroon. If you want to keep in touch with Cameroonians, then use the popular harshtag #Team237 to join the family.Tags like
#237  #vertrougejaune #kmer #camer were equally use together with #TEAM237.
      20 #Overtoyou
 We could find out these tags in doing our reasearch. WhIch one will take poition 20?
 #esehotelmajestic  #kocabelle  #thejohnsons     #douala  #matip  #mane  #senegal   #accra  #ghana .

Did you use any of them?  Mention it in the comment area .
Thank you for stopping by.  We are done with the most popular social media harshtags that made our year. How will tomorrow look like?  do you have any harshtag you want us to add?

It is the generation of digital entrepreneurs, it is the generation of social media marketers. Make sure you have at least one harshtag on social media.   Fore more info on the use of harshtags email:ransbiz@live.com.

                           Happy New year to you all
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  1. #mMTNZIK is another great harshtag used this year

    1. Good to know. MTN got so many trending harshtags.

  2. Harshtags are used on social media to group people talking about a similar topic or event. Social media like twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Google plus and lately LinkedIn are well know for promoting events ,services and products with hashtags. We have observe a great trend in Cameroon harshtags on social media this year. To find best prices of Essaylab you should also use special hashtag.


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