Blogging is still my favorite way to make income online. Despite this fact many people still ask how they can make a living online with blogging. It is possible to quit your job and start a living online as a blogger. The founder of Shoutmeloud is a good example among other top blogger online. I am on my way to becoming a pro blogger too.

So what does it take to make a living blogging?

Everything begins with you the day you decided to blog. You don’t need to have a blog before deciding to blog.  The day I decided to blog my first post was

‘’Today had been a busy day’’, weird right? But that is where I started. I had my own definition of bogging at that time.  Ok, le keep going you can get to me later to know more about my online experience. So after deciding you have to think of get started.

How to I get started?

-Choose your niche and get some article ready.
-Buy a domain  name. With this you need to have a credit card to get started. If you cannot, we can help you get one or register your domain name for you.
-Decide on your hosting. For everyone starting, the batle is between Blogger and
Free versus paid hosting.

I have love for the two and host blogs on the two. If you don’t have enough money to start, you can get started with blogger. But if you have some cash, you can get a hosting from hostgator and get started. I can help you with coupon codes to get you cheap hosting for three years if you are interested. .
-With your hosting ready, get your blog designed. We can assist you at a very affordable rate if you are having difficulties.
No that you are ready , what’s next?

The phrase that is in the mind of any content marketer is ‘’Content is king’’. This holds for any website or blog and that want to get viral. So writing quality content should be your focus for the first year.
While publishing articles, Enable subscription on your blog.

This will help you to get leads which you will use in the years ahead.  Get in contact with your subscribers and get their opinion about your blog. This will help shape your work and build confidence in what you are doing. Respond to every subscriber that needs your assistance.

There we go! ONE year in blogging .CASH or no cash?
After blogging for a year, you need to make conversion from your blog. 
Here some ways to get started
-Paid Per Click Advertisements:
There are many companies that offer you’re the opportunity to post ads on your blog and get paid whenever someone click on your ads. AdSense and chitika some popular names on the web for PPC.
-Offering ads space on your blogs can bring you good cash.
-Sell you services
-sell affiliate products (to viewers and subscribers).

  All the methods above can land you to a stable income online.  Will post more details on how to make money from your blog in the days ahead. Feel free to ask questions in our comment section.
In all to make blogging as career
Get ready

Design and host your blog
Put quality content
Grow your audience and
Monetize your blog.

It is not a day’s job. Commitment and determination can make you a pro blogger. Thank you for reading.
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  1. Good post..really simple

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