Hello to all readers. We thank you for always being there. It has been over a month that we give you just a single post per week which is not typical of us. It is not that we have become lazy or decided to do that. It is because we have been getting something new for the entire digital and tech lovers. Within this period , we have been carrying out of series of projects to benefit Africa and Cameroon . I will outline what we have been doing briefly and how you can get involve to benefit or participate.

Getting a cooperate website: RANSBIZ started a a blog later which we offered a variety of products and services such as Voip, bulk  sms, SEO services in Cameroon, Inbound marketing training among others. This sometime had been distracting our readers who are interested in learning some tech stuff. In this effect through a partners and a friend, we will be re branding the cooperate website: World Osse which means the world eyes. We will represent the eyes of digitisation in Africa. The domain is worldosse.com.
On the cooperate website you can access our full services and company profile.

Developing a Block Chain Project in Cameroon and Africa.
We have brought to you a project which we will be making use of block chain technology. In this project we have put in place a website where you can buy bitcoin in African countries  Nigeria, Cameroon,Kenya ,South Africa and Zimbabwe. We have made special offers to buy and sell bitcoin in CEMAC countries of  Congo,Chad, Gabon and others.  Here comes the website:
Cryptoafrica.com the website where you can learn about bitcoin, invest in bitcoin and trade cryptocurrencies like Monero, Dash,Etherum,Litecoin among others.  In all we have:
i.                     Cryptoafrica  website where you can access all products and services
ii.                   Crypto Africa Market where you can buy and sell bitcoins.
iii.                  Cryptoafrica trade where you can buy bitcoins,monero,paypal,skrill and others.
iv.                 Cryptoafrica Investment where you can share in our profits  for up to 1 year.
Those are the four major features of the new product we have developed. More is still to come.

What about RANSBIZ?
RANSBIZ will still remain, but will be more focused on providing you with digital information and tech news in Cameroon and the World at large. Since we have as our objective to promote technology in Africa,  RANSBIZ will be the place to get all when it comes to tech and digital marketing in Africa. 
World Osse  brands will include;  crypto Africa,The Next country,RANSBIZ,360 Abundance and more.
We thank you for joining our community and you can also be reading from Angu Ransom on Crypto Africa about the new money making technique ( Crypto currency.)
Have a great day and thank you for your support.

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