Content marketing jobs are high in demand. Those who visit freelancing website to get some content marketers usually have their mind mixed up regarding the quality of the post or article they will receive.  We have come to you to make it easy.  We are glad to handle all content marketing jobs geared toward getting the attention of Cameroonians and even international audience for your brand or website. We have a set a time frame of 1-3 days for the delivery of content ranging from 300 words above. This depends on clients need. We outsource to both companies and individuals with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Why you should Choose us?

I have spent more than 5 years online studying the behavior of audience and how to attract them. This had helped us in getting a better understanding of article writing.  Articles had been my best method of ranking a website for any key words. I have brought a team together that can handle this with no problem.  Our team is made up of people from different back ground and fields such as health, education, technology among others making us ready for any task.
We will provide articles that have the following characteristics:
 i. Original and of good quality.
ii. seo optimized with  keywords spread accordingly.

iii. Articles are written for both search engine and human beings.
iv. Concise and helpful post passing the message that is required in a direct and simple manner.

v. Article will trigger user/ readers participation which is a good way to generate a lead or just to interact with audience if you want comments.
vi. Article will be of appropriate length.

vii. Our post will increase SEO and SERP. This is because of the use of carefully researched keywords, topics relevant to your business or category.
    This blog post will not be able to tell you what we can do  till you search the following keywords on Google
-          Make money online Cameroon -online shopping Cameroon  -benefits on instant articles and …..

 What does it cost for us to carry out a writing task?

 Generally we charge 100 $ + per post. However, when we get into a monthly or weekly deal with a client we can set a budget based after an agreement. We equally have special rates and discounts for startups. When two head are brought together, solutions will always come out.   for more information.

What will our article/post do to your website or Business? 
How will a blog post be of help?

Many people had been asking me this.  This is just the reason why we are outsourcing with content marketing jobs and article writing.

 ''The reason why your website had been silent is because you have not written any article on the web ''

When you provide web content with your brand name on it, it exposes your brand to online users and potential clients.   A blog post help in increasing your search engine traffic if well written. Just a reason why you need a content marketer.

If you cannot pay for Google ad words or Facebook ad every month, then writing post will be the better option to take.

 A blog post is equally important when it comes to SEO and SERP as mentioned earlier.
A blog post will help you save thousands of dollars you would have used to advertise on ad networks or TV.
The advantages of blog post are just so huge. I don’t think you are ready to be left behind.
Leave us an email at or .

I will end this by reminding you that ‘’content is king’’. Articles must not be published on your site always. Use sites linked ,  quora, Ask Cameroon ,facebook ,other websites or blogs to share or publish your articles.  Thank you for reading.

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