In responding to the changing  trend in mobile technology we will be add bulk whatsapp messaging to our Cheap Bulk Sms system in Cameroon  , USA, UK, Nigeria, Canada, Kenya, Oman and others.  This technology is brought to you thanks to our partnership with eDigiTech Technologies  and RANSBIZ.   We are happy to let you know with confidence that  you can  get your Marketing Done Digitally with  RANSBIZ  Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Service.

Contrary to other bulk Whatsapp messaging services that require you to download a software our service can be accessed  on  on a web based platform. 

What to Send with the Bulk messaging Software
 You can Send Text, Image, Video, Audio, PDF to your large Audience database at a Single Click.
 We are also available with the demo account. Do let us know if you wish to check the demo as well.
email: to get demon set up or skype : ransbizangu.

·                   Credit Features  of our Bulk WhatsApp Messaging Service

·  1 Credit = 1 Text (1500 Characters).
·  1 Credit= 1 Image File (5 MB) (.JPG) + Caption.
·  1 Credit= 1 Audio File (5 MB) (MP4 Format).
·  2 Credit= 1 Video File (5 MB) (MP4 Format)+ Caption.
·  2 Credit= 1 PDF File (5 MB) (.pdf/ PDF Format) + Caption.
·  Maximum File Size is 5 MB for all.

Pricing Quotation: 

Bulk WhatsApp Service
(Regular Plan)
(Delivery upto 75 -80%)
Total Costing
100K Credits+ 100K Filtering Free
750 USD
500K Credits + 500K Filtering Free
2900 USD
1 Million Credits + 1 Million Filtering Free
5500 USD

Bulk WhatsApp Service
(Standard Plan)
(Delivery upto 90- 99%)
Total Costing
100K Credits+ 100K Filtering Free
950 USD
500K Credits + 500K Filtering Free
3599 USD
1 Million Credits + 1 Million Filtering Free
6200 USD
* The prices above are for first time Purchase

  Check the Simple user panel for RANSBIZ bulk whatsapp messaging below.
Bulk whatsapp messaging user panle showing  features.
                                     Bulk WhatsApp Filtering and Sending Time
     Filtering saves your credit by sending only WhatsApp number out of your database.
·  Campaign Timings

     i.e 4:30am - 2:30 pm GMT
          5:30 am to 3:30 PM Central Africa time.
         - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Mon -Sat (IST : Indian Standard Timings).

·  The Bulk WhatsApp service is used only for Promotional Purpose.
·  As per company policy all our services are Advance Payment . You can pay via PAYPAL (7% transaction Charges)
    or by  wire transfer into our bank accounts (Bank processing  charges to paid by client.)
     Trust the Bulk Messaging  for the following Reasons

* Validity for Credits – Lifetime.
* Undelivered messages are credited into client's account.
*Unique analytics regarding deliver status of  messages
* Filter system to detect non-whatsApp number.
* You can send text,audio, video, images,Pdf with the bulk whatsapp messaging App.
For inquiries, orders and Demos, inbox us at
 whatsapp; +237676664922,Skype: ransbizangu 

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