WAP Push messaging  is a bulk sms type  that permits users to send text message with a link to a website, giving the receiver the option to connect to the URL.  The link opens on the web browser of the phone. WAP push messages are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic on a website. Once the reader click on any part of a wap push message, he is directed to the web link which the sender intends to promote. 

Bulk sms marketing still remain one of the best methods to reach targetted customers or communicate with existing client, WAP Push messages constitute one of the several bulk sms types which can be used to make mobile campaigns very successful. 

More About Wap Push SMS

Unlike traditional sms  WAP push sms are displayed as a ''pop up'' alert on the mobile phone. This increases possible clicks to the website link and high traffic compared to a link included in a traditional SMS. This is a smart way to convert your mobile campaign to a web campaign.

Wap push messages are sent from a computer that connected to an internet through a suitable SMS gateway.  However, some bulk platforms like RANSBIZ SMS, supports mobile phone users to send sms from their phone, thanks to responsive web designs and mobile applications (mobile app ) technology.  It is an innovation of new generation mobile phones which permits the user to make calls, text and use the internet.

A wap push message can be described as a direct ''CALL-TO-ACTION'' message which permits the reader to take action by downloading software, sign up for an offer, and register from an event, buying a product on an E-commerce or visit a website to discover a service offer (brand awareness)

Wap push messages are displayed as  an alert on your screen. You can send wap push messages to those using smart phones and other supported mobile devices.

A typical Wap push sms consist of four main identifiers. 
i. A Unique Sender Name E.G MTN ,Samsung,Vodafone,HotJem etc. 
ii. Text string( Not more than 160 characters) 
iii. Website URL 
iv. Action parameter ( e.g buy now, sign up today, Download here etc.
              Wap Push Notification versus Push Notification

Wap push messages are different from push notifications on android and apple Os devices. This is because push messages are shown if the device user had downloaded an app which triggers a push notification. 

Wap push messages are sent intentionally by someone who has your mobile phone number.  Wap push messages display a sender name while push notification messages are displayed a pop ups on the screen.  Wap push sms require the sender to have a bulk sms account.

                                     WAP Push Message Types
There are two types of WAP push messages; Service Indication (SI) and Service Load (SL)  Messages).  

SI Messages are wap push messages which contain a link, which the reader is directed to upon clicking on the text or link in the content. 

On the other hand SL wap push messages are messages from providers or device manufactures that that automatically trigger a download or software updates. Mobile phone manufacturers equally use this to push new ring tones on to the device. 

Send Wap push sms on  the internet with RANSBIZSMS

              WAP Push Message Settings on Supported Mobile devices
Most mobile phones that support wap push messages are set to receive WAP push by default. The user cannot set up or personalised wap push settings.
Some phones like Samsung mobile phones permits you to set up wap push messages on the Messaging app setting Menu.

Some setting includes:
 -Enabling pop ups,
-Enable service loading or disable it. Thus you can enable or disable wap push messages on your android device.
You can equally read previous wap push messages   from the messaging app.
To do this open the messaging App, click on the Menu ( the three dots at the bottom right) and click on ''wappush messages''. 

                       Examples of Wap Push  Messages.
Now that you know more about wap push messaging, how can you draft the perfect wap push message?
Even though every bulk sms provider supports 160 characters, making your message even shorter will make your message very great. Let us see some top 5 messages

Message 1: Trigger App download or Software
 Hi user, the latest version of our app or software is available for download  on our website.

 Message 2: Make a purchase
    We are happy to inform you about new product arrivals in our shop. 50 % off for all purchases from the 16th January- 30th of   February.
Message 3: Sign up or subscribe
    Subscribe on our plat from to stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

Message 4: Brand awareness
Have you heard of '' RANSBIZ SMS''. It is an SMS plat form that permits you to send bulk sms to mobile phone users in more than 54 countries. 

Messsage5:  Drive traffic
Dear subscriber, our post of today is on '' How to make money Online''. Make sure you comment and ask questions. 
  You can  equally create a bulk sms account at http://sms.ransbiz.com/ to test this sms type
Got a better Wap push Sample?
Let us know about it. 

To know  more about wap push, email: ransbiz@live.com or leave a comment.
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