Bulk sms services allows you to send a single text message to any mobile phone from your computer or using an app  or just  your smart phone. As a business or organization operating in Cameroon, it is important to to know that there are more than 10 million mobile phone users.Here is what we have siad about Bulk sms services




 Bulk sms marketing in Cameroon can thus be very effective with this number of mobile phone subscribers. When you purchase a bulk sms pack from your bulk sms provider, you are provided with bulk sms software which helps you to manage your campaigns, promotion and advertisement.
 We are all aware of how the trend of mobile marketing in Cameroon had been. Mobile marketing had been in a ''hiding'' because of the lack of awareness especially by small businesses.Using bulk sms can a good way to expose this awesome marketing method.
In this post, i will share with you the reasons/advantages of using bulk sms in Cameroon and other advantages for every other bulk sms user of the bulk sms worldwide.

1.  Reach potential customers no matter their location
With the use of bulk sms services, your can reach your customers where ever there are. If you have a customers in a town like Buea you want to target, you can reach them directly with bulk sms. If you use the TV or radio, he or she might not be there at the moment you advertisement is being broadcasted. 

2.  Sure of Delivery
There are more chances that your advertisement campaign will reach more audience when the use of Sms than emails. Also an email you send can go to the spam box but with an SMS, your message goes directly to the customers’ phone. At least 98 percent of those who receive the message will read

3.  Save time
With the use of bulk SMS technology, you can reach a large number of audiences within seconds. A typical bulk sms client account comes with an sms gateway which allows you to add up to 10,000 Phone numbers per group or distribution list. This means with a single click, you can reach 10,000 persons with the use of bulk sms.Think of how you can do this with your mobile phone.


4. A Cheap method of doing promotions.
The cost of advertisement using bulk SMS is cheaper compared to the radio and TV. Think of it when you target let us say 50,000 audiences on TV. You will have to pay for the frequency of your ad to be increased. The formula with  sms technology  is simple, 50,000 sms sent=50,000 audience reached.

5. A means to Reach Target population
If you want to target youths for a business in Cameroon, then the  bulk sms technology  will be the   best option to consider. The most popular channels watched by TV  channels  Super Sport , Bein Sport  , Trace TV,Canal+ sport ,My TV Africa, African Magic and among others. To reach these youths, you will have to us this channels to do promotions. The cost of advertisement here will cost you huge amounts of CFA. You can reach the target with the use of bulk sms in Cameroon. No need to pay huge sums.the

6.  Can be used by Every Organization
Bulk SMS services can be can be used for any business or Organization.  Bulk SMS services can be used by both established and small business. Organizations like njangi's, village associations, common initiative groups, school, hospitals, churches, mosque among others can use this technology. This means no one is exempted from using this service. 

7.  Help businesses to prepare ahead of time
You can set your messages to reach your audience at the time you desire. With the bulk sms you control when your message can be sent. For example you can prepare Christmas sales campaign in June to avoid doing things in a rush.

8.  High ROI
Bulk sms services give a high Return on Investment (ROI). A bulk sms campaign can be set up with any budget. With a bulk  sms system like sms.ransbiz.com, you can reach 2000 potential customers at the cost of  24000 FCFA or less. As s business in Cameroon , you can thus maximize your profits sending sms campaigns to your clients.

9. A good way to keep your network Updated
Organizations can use  bulk sms services to send notification, promotions, sms alerts and offers  with little or no risk involve. There is no need to be worried if your text will be seen. If your message is sent to someone's phone, it is very certain that he or she will read. The use of this service thus enhances better communication between an organization, its clients and workers who are important parties in a typical business network. 

10. No Special Skills Required
You don't need to be a computer expert in order to  send bulk  SMS. Today, even grand ma's can use apps on android phones. Most bulk SMS software today come with apps which makes typing and sending very easy.

  Before going to the next point, Read how to send Bulk sms with our system

11.   Easy to Send
A bulk SMS sofwtare is  easy to use.  Three steps are required  to send a  bulk sms :
i. Bulk sms log in,    ii. create message  and     iii.  send  bulk sms message. Think of the process involve in getting your advertisement on big channels like  CANAL 2, STV, CRTV and others. You can use the bulk sms gateway to send messages to thousand of contacts with this three simple steps. It is a nice feeling to know your objectives had been achieved than praying they should be achieved.

12.  Ease of integration to website or software
For companies who want to integrate a bulk SMS software in their website or software, there is no additional cost involve in getting it done. A typical bulk SMS package comes equipped with    an IP link, bulk SMS login website, multi plat form mobile applications; bulkSMS API among others which makes integration into websites and software very easy.

13.  A Good Way to Integrate The Use Of ICT In Schools
In the educational milieu.  Schools can embrace the use bulk SMS  in Cameroon  as an innovation . Schools can use this service to send updates on latest date to submit marks, latest date to pay school fees, convoke parents for parent and teachers association meeting (PTA) among others.  This will save time and money in typing, printing as well as the stress in placing notices everywhere. The use of this service will also help to reduce the quantity papers littering around as the case with some schools. This help to keep our environment green . 

14.  Sender Id can be personalized
With a bulk sms software, you can send messages with a personalize  sender Id . We all know how it feels when we receive messages from strange numbers. Many people don't even take it serious when you send a message with your number to then informing them about a service you want to offer. When a message comes with a personalize name like '' HealthPlero'', it raises curiosity and causes the customer to respond to your message.

15.   High conversion Rate
 Bulk SMS are reliable and have a high conversion rate. As we mentioned above, people will read you text messages compared with email marketing an, television, and radio campaigns. In addition to this , bulk sms that are send with a call to action  such as an email or website will get   a faster respond  compared to pay per click ads. 

16.  A discrete means of doing Promotions
Bulk SMS messaging is a discrete way of messaging. You don't need to send messages to people with your phone number. With a personalized name you can make your message go to your clients. You can also use your name keeping away your phone number. This is very important in that it helps the team to manage those who will respond to your message. It is important to know that some bulk sms packages have options to enable reply.

17. Short Message
When using the bulk SMS you are required to send  160 words per sms. This allow you to write straight to the point. It also ensures your reader will go through your content and understand what you expect from him or her. Twitter users the bulk sms system . 

18.   Unlimited market potential.
As we mention at the beginning of this post, we have more than 10 million mobile phone subscribers in Cameroon. Using a bulk SMS  service in Cameroon means you have the potential to reach more than 10 million. You can actually get 10 million people to be aware of your business. You thus have the choice to decide how many people you want to make your business known to. That is a reason to try using the bulk SMS service.

19. No Expiry Date
      A good bulk sms provider will not put an expiry date when your purchase a bulk sms package.  This enables bulk sms users to send their campaigns when they find it necessary to do so. There is no rush to use all sms  credits  so that they do not expire. This should be a precaution when buying bulk sms. 

20. Word-of-mouth Advertisement. 
In Cameroon, we all know what ''Kongossa'' means. Businesses can make use of this to reach more clients by using bulk sms. A good bulk SMS campaign can lead to an excellent word-of- mouth promotion. 
Take for example a company like Health Pleromana, decides to do a campaign to promote  its health consultancy in Cameroon using the sender id ''Healthplero''. Those who find the message content interesting will tell their friends and that how the promotion will spread to others. even those who will not be interested will still tell their friends, about it. This help to create brand awareness among  a large audience.

  To say it all, when you promote through TV , email or radio,  you pray that your objectives should be achieved, however when you promote through bulk SMS, you know your objectives had been achieved. As a business, Organization or an individual living in Cameroon or any where in the world, you have the choice in knowing your objective had been achieve or to keep praying they should be. which direction will you choose?
  If you go for bulk sms then you can start with RANSBIZ SMS . Share your thoughts on the use of bulk SMS service in Cameroon  as well as any advantage you can think of.

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