In our last post, we saw the benefits of using wap push messages. We have equally created a post on what WAP Push messaging  is all about.

The RANSBIZ SMS plat form is one of the best popular sms plat from available in more than 54 countries supporting thousands of networks around the world.  It has been one of the most effective solutions to bulk  sms marketing in Cameroon with a very high number of mobile phone users compared to internet users. In this post we are going to see how to send WAP Push messages on the messagibg plat from from your computer @

STEP1: Go to

STEP2:  Login with your  user name and password. create and account if you are a new  users.

You should see three options
Single sms, Bulk sms and Group SMS.

Choose single sms if you have 1-100 Phone numbers available for your campaign.

Select BULK SMS if you have phone numbers in an excel  document or on notepad.
You can equally  choose these option if you want to send personliase messages to the client or target audience. E.G Dear Ransom, we want to inform you that.....

Select Group sms if you have saved you Phone numbers in the Adress Book of  RANSBIZSMS  plat form. There are normal groups (takes both  names and numbers) and Distribution List (takes Numbers only).

 Dont be bodered about the details. Everything is done in some few seconds provided your contact list is handy.
  Let us use the Single Option in thisTutorial
Step 4:
===Type in Mobile Number or Paste. Phone numbers must start with the country code.
 It should not start with a zero or a plus sign.
==  Customize sender Name e.g. Rans Telecom.
==On message type. Select Wap Push.
==Type in  The URL you want to promote in the Wap Push Url Field and your message in the  Message Field.

 We are done. Click send and say i have done Bulk SMS is good. Make sure you see a confirmation message on your screen.

That is it our  sms plat for is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to  operate.  W,e offer direct route and enterprise messaging solutions. Bulk sms services are used by some companies like Google, Skype, Facebook and more.

You can use wap push messages to prmote a product, get sign ups to a marketing program, sell products on your website or just feel the excitement of technology by discovering a new and easy method of making mobile conversions.
What are you waiting for?
Create an account at  RANSBIZ SMS
or email for a deal.

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  1. Thanks for providing this useful marketing tool information.

  2. We provide Promotional SMS services are great strategy to work with more number of clients. It helps in maintain a good relation with clients. thanks for Info.


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