Wap push messages have several advantages   and benefits when it comes to mobile marketing and SMS marketing. Wap push  messages are messages that comes in the form of an alert on mobile phones  with an option for the user to visit a link in the message .
 In our last post, we saw what  WAP Push messages are all about with some sample  wap push message. But what really makes this messaging type unique?
In this post we are going to see some of the benefits of using Wap push messaging over other  didgital promotional stategies.

1. The first benefit of Wap push sms is that it  can be delivered to those without an active internet connection thus creating brand awareness if the receiver doesn’t visit the Url. 

2. Wap push messages are delivered  with the company's name ,long code or short code number depending on the sender.  
3. It one of the fastest ways to send announcements to targeted audience, since you can track click through rates . For example an announcement telling the staff to create an account  on a website.
4. Wap push messages are more flexible compared to push messages that comes with a specific name. You can customize the sender name when sending wap push messages.  This ‘’alternate addressing ‘’ feature provide multiple identifiers depending on the senders intentions. For example
'' JeansPromo''    FashionPromo''    6333 etc .    This advantage over push notification has made wap push messages more popular than push messages.

 The wap push bulk sms system  has an easy to use web interphase.
5. Wap push API is  short and easy to integrate.  This provides the wap push message user to enjoy  the technical benefits of bulk sms messaging.

 http://< sms.ransbiz.com >:<8080>/bulksms/bulksms?



Parameters are explained below, please note that all the parameters (especially message and url) should be URL-UTF-8 encoded.

username: User name of your account on the RANSBIZ SMS plat form
password: Password of the SMPP Account   on the RANSBIZ SMS plat form
url: this holds the link that you wish to send, for any other type of message non-ASCII domain names).
dlr: Indicates whether the client wants delivery report for this message Range of values for "dlr":-

0:   No Delivery report required

1:   Delivery report required
For more detail on how to use our Bulk sms API, Email us at ransbiz@live.com to get the full API documentation.

6. A Wider Reach: Wap push messages can be used to  reach more people compared to push notifications which require the user to download an app or software.

7. It is easy to send. Wap push messages can be send by  the pros and amateurs of web and sms technology.

8. Wap push messages equally provide the developer  the option to send active content to mobile phone users. With the service indication wap push type, the receiver can carry out an automatic action such as a download without the intervention of the user. These can be uased be phone manufacturers to update wallpapers and ring tones in your mobile phone with your intervention.
9.   Creating a Wap push message is  very simple. The basic requirements are; a unique identifier, web url and a text string.  This  is the advantages a wap push notification has over other notification services.
   10. A single Wap push messages can be sent to multiple recipients. E.g  Dear xxx. Login and download GCE past questions at ...    

11.  The user has the ability to enable or disable wap push notifications.   Those who have enabled this service are interested in getting wap push notifications.  
12.   The ability to receive message delivery confirmation makes wap push messaging inevitable in sms marketing.

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In conclusion, the advantages of  Wap push messages are many. We can say that this service is one of the simpliest way to introduce a service,make a sale and drive traffic from mobile phone users.   It is suitable for both developers and    non developers. If you are interested in making conversions  or sales, then  Wap push messaging is for you. 

 Have you ever send a Wap push message?
The comment section is there for you to have your say and share your experience. 
skype: ransbizangu for more information on bulk sms marketing. 

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