It is very common to see the message ‘’System UI Not working ‘’ on older versions of android. Another problem is the problem of insufficient storage when you actually have space on your phone. In this post, we are going to see how to get through this .

Phone keep showing ''System UI Not Working'' when you try to manipulate the phone.

The first solution here is to ensure that you system is updated.
By updating your operating system to the latest version can do the magic.

       Wiping Cache Partition to solve UI not working
If your system is updated, then you will need to wipe Cache partition on your phone.
To this follow the steps below.
-Turn your phone off
-Press and hold the volume down +power button at the same time,untill you phone turns on.
-The screen that appear should not be the usual home screen.
-Scroll down to recover mode by pressing the volume down button only.
-then press the power button to boot the phone in recovery mode.
-your phone should boot with  '' red exclamation mark'' .
-press the power button and tap the ''volume up button'' once.
-This brings you to a menus where you can find '' wipe cache partition''
Hope this will help.
 Insufficient storage space when you still have a great deal of space on your phone:

 Sometimes, you might still have enough space on your device but unable to install an app. This comes as a results of storage problems.  This is because there is a fixed space on android phones for apps. 
-The most common solution is to free up space using apps like DiskUsage, Clean Master,CCleaner etc.

- Another simple solution is to  clear up cache .To do this, go to settings, select apps, locate apps you use often and wide cache and data. 

- The second solution to insufficient disk storage  is by adding an SD card to your device
Most android phones today come without memory card slots. But if your phone has a memory card lost, then you can get more storage for your device.Generally SD cards will hold videos,audios,downloads and pictures. This means installing apps on them is  not possible immediately as we insert it into our devices. Cool down bro, let us make it possible.

                         You can buy SD card of 30+GB here on AMAZON
To  make this happen, root your phone,format you SD card as internal storage and install apps on it. that is it.

-Some unrooted devices permits you to move app from phone to SD cards. You can equally use such apps to move app from your phone to PC.

-If your are always connected to the Internet then, you can make use of cloud storage.This can free up a great deal for space especially if you have videos and pictures. You can use services like Google drive(15 GB),drop box and one drive.

-There is a hidden service on Android devices called USB On The Go(USB OTG). This feature permits android phone users to connect peripherals the same way we do with our computers and laptops. However , this feature is not always listed on your phone specifications. However, There is a free app called USB OTG Checker which you can get from Google play . This app will check if your device supports USB OTG.
If it does, you can buy OTG adaptor. With this adaptor, you can connect your memory cards and USBs on your device.

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