Link Out to Social Media Sites

Link out to various social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reditt, etc. This is one of the most effective methods for driving hundreds of visitors to your blog or site. Try to make your content highly shareable. This will make it easy for you to spread out news regarding your blog post or article. Social networking websites are possibly the best resource to promote your site.

Read Blogs in Your Niche & Leave Valuable Comments

Another great method which will help you grow your web presence is reaching out & leaving our valuable comments on the blogs/websites in your niche. After creating a successful rapport with website owners in your niche you can expand your social circle on the web as well as add up your website traffic. Possibly, they might even create a blog post mentioning about your site.

Rich Content

In order to ensure your site receives consistent traffic, you need to have a rich content on your site. Irrespective of your site topic, your content must be share worthy.

This is one major factor that separates average sites from the authority sites. Hence, research your content & prepare it well for the visitors. It’ll definitely be worth the effort.


Visit a number of forums in your respective niche & start communicating with the folks there! Look for forums which are do follow for instance digital point  and warrior forum (within the IM space)  and create a signature link towards your website or blog. Every now and then, post the link to your newest article or blog post if it is relevant and  begin with your conversation on the forums.

Social Bookmarking
Websites such as Stumble Upon, MIxx, Digg, Propeller, Blink as well as Digg are great for the purpose of bookmarking! Visit these sites  and bookmark various articles to your website or blog. This can help you greatly improve your rankings in the search engine results.

Article Marketing

This includes writing an article suitable for your niche and submitting it on various article submission sites (Goarticles, Ezinarticles, etc.). At the end of each article, you’ll get some space to link back towards your website. This way, when visitors are reading your article on these sites, they’ll be able to see your website link at the end of each article. Also, this will offer you a powerful back link to your website.
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  1. Use email list which you have built over time to distribute your blog post and refer them back to your site. If you are yet to own an email list.
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    1. Thank you Magnento. Email marketing should not be forgotten. Well noted.It is important for those using email marketing to avoid words that are considered as spam

  2. Hi Angu,

    Nice write up. I'm always curious to read about driving more traffic to blogs and sites for obvious reasons. What I never seem to understand is when people say write "Shareable" content. What is that anyway? What might be shareable to one person might not be shareable to another. I know its means content for the most part should be shareable but what does that really mean? I share based on my mood where it is shareable or not LOL :-)

    1. Thanks for your contribution.So true.Readers share when there are in the mood but some as well just do it unconsciously because the content moved them. When we say ''shareable content'' in blogging it means readers should be able to share that content. You might be in the mood to share content on a site with no sharing buttons,which make it difficult to share. It involves many aspect of online technology such as social media ,SEO among others. My team is currently working on a post on this. Hope to see your reaction towards this. Have a nice day.

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  4. Replies
    1. here is the correct link

  5. I am Really happy to read this article because this article was very useful and helped me to learn. Thanks for the information may god bless you

  6. Amazing article, great work on the seo article thanks for sharing .


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