Vodafone   is another telecom in Cameroon. Vodafone cameroon will provide internet services and other hi-tech services needed to enhance internet connectivity and browsing experience. 

 This year we have had many readers on the following telecom post:  

1. How to Access/Benefit from MTN Cameroon 4G LTE Network -smart Mini L860 4G Phone

 This made us to conclude that the 4G news by MTN AND Orange had been the most exciting in 2016 just like the 3G in 2015 by Nexttel. 

 It is another exciting moment in Cameroon's telecom market. With consumers celebrating the existing telecom companies are strengthening their marketing strategies to maintain existing customers.  Like in any country, new companies will always have something that will benefit local businesses or individuals. Today, we are going to see some of the things that Cameroonians will enjoy as a result of the coming of Vodafone Cameroon.  

Online payments Companies will benefit
Online and mobile payments are becoming popular in Cameroon. Companies like  Monet bill, afrik pay and others will experience a new trend in business as Vodafone subscribers will be needing their  services. This will equally permit home based payment startups to compete with other payment gateways and companies like bill desk, Mobikwik, M-pessa, paytm.com and others that are known for paying Vodafone bills. 

Increase in Online Activities

Vodafone services and products are available online  and Offline. Cameroonians will be able to buy Vodafone airtime online, check out new opportunities of Afrimax-Vodafone website, search latest offers; search cheap internet bundles form Vodafone among others. This will keep the online activities booming. Many news websites and blogs today are taking about Vodafone. More news and updates will be coming from your favorite website  about Vodafone Cameroon as the company carry out its activities. Online careers will equally be available.

Possibility to Get Local Telecom companies in the market

With the wholesale telecommunication services of Vodafone, Other companies can offer internet, voice and messaging services if they make a deal with Vodafone. Thanks to the carrier service.  Unlike the big companies like  Nexttel, Orange and MTN that offer mostly  client solution, Vodafone  support small companies with telecom offers  and solutions .

More 4G phones in the market: 
For a long time, i had been admiring the Smart t series of Vodafone.  It has all about Samsung series (S5,S6,S7 etc).  Consumers will have a choice on which series to go for i.e Vodafone smart platinum, ultra 7,mini 7,Prime 7 first7  or any . This is the time to have it on Cameroon soils. We have Vodafone Cameroon and will probably have Vodafone phones with little or no stress.  Huawei, Itel and Tecno phones will have to compete with the products of the new telecom companies which might lead to reduced prices for phones in Cameroon. We will benefit from both 4G internet services and products.

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Employment Opportunities 
 Every company will need workers. The coming of Vodafone  Cameroon will contribute in solving the problem of unemployment in Cameroon in the same way other companies are doing. Job opportnuities will be availble in tech,accounting,computer sciences,marketing,security and other fields.  

Vodafone Cameroon Promotions will benefit Cameroonians

4G internet is generally expensive comapred to 3G and 2G very company. As latest member in Cameroon's telecom market,the company will offer promotions so as to get more clients or market more of their products and services. Cameroonians will benefit from :
-Discounts on internet bundles,
-promotional prices for Vodafone phone in Cameroon.
-cheap internet devices such as Wi-Fi modems,Mi-Fi modems and others.

What About Free Internet?
 You can get started now. People will need Vodafone internet services. During this pre-launch period, Cameroonians who refer  their friends will benefit from 500 Mb free for every purchase they will make. So if you like  free internet then you can save 500 FCFA by simply refering your friends.  You are required to invite just three friends to benefit from ''Njoh'' internet from Vodafone.

 What else do you think Cameroonians will benefit  from Vodafone  Cameroon?

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  1. these are the wonderful features for vodafone users. thanks for sharing it.


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