Hello to you all.  The release of android 7.0 had been a major release this year. The last three versions of android were named  Jelly  beam, kitkat,Lolipop,and Marshmallow, corresponding to version 4.1, 4.4, 5.0 and  6.0 respectively. 

What is the latest version as of today? 
Version 7.0  released on August 2016 is given the code name ''Nougat ''  This new version was first previewed on  March ,2016 and the final release was made on the 22 of August 2016.

Reports say, Google Nexus mobile phones have already received updates.  GSM Arena announced on the 20th of September that Samsung is already testing the new version of android on Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 edge. This means Samsung phone will soon be available with version 7.0.

Vulkan API Game experience with Samsung Galaxy S7.

Here are the 5 major features that caught my attention

1. Muti -tasking Feature: User will be able to open two app at the same time. This means you can follow up your chat for example on whatsapp and Facebook at the same time. This is described as the in screen mode. This does not prevent you from enjoying the full screen mode like in the previous versions. Android users now have a choice to make when using apps, either full screen or multi-window mode.

2.  Direct Reply of Text messages (Notifications): The new version (nougat) of android permits users to reply to an sms at on the notification window directly.  You can equally group messages based on topics and groups.

3. Now you can save your data with the data Saver mode on Android 7.0.  This mode helps to reduce the usage of bandwidth which had been a problem in the previous options. 

4. App installation and Update is quicker: 
With the new version, app can be installed quicker.  In the features mentioned on developers.android.com, app that use to take several hours on version 6.0 can now be installed in just a few minutes. I just can’t wait to try this. Welcome nougat.

5. Number Lock and Call Screening Available:
With the new android version, you can block numbers from calling you (the famous blacklist feature on 2G phones). You can equally block numbers from texting you.  In addition to this you can reject calls, hide user information in calls or hide call from your call log.
Permit me end here. The other features will be of benefit to developers.  You can check the android developer  website for more features.

 This video equally gives deatails on the features of  the latest android operating system.
What do you like or expect from android version 7.0?

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