Vodafone has brought special internet tariff plan for their internet data bundles. With the free dat for Giga life offer , preregistered customers can  benefit more . Today, We are going to see  the various interenet packages,the cost of the internet , the amount of data and how to get access to the service. Every telecom company has its own pricing strategy depending on its service qulaity  among others.
we have see the cost of using the internet with NEXTTEL,orange and MTN  some months back.
You can check out the post here.

                                   Vodafone  internet Price Plan 

Vodafone Cameroon Daily Internet


Cost/ CFA

100 MB


400 MB


Weekly Internet Bundle and Cost


Cost/ XAF

400 MB


Unlimited whatsApp


Unlimited Facebook


Cameroon Monthly internet Tariff  plan



750 MB


2 GB



10 000

10 GB

14 000

20 GB

23 000

50 GB

55 000

Unlimited WhatsApp


Unlimited Facebook


* The Gigalife bundle cost 2 950 for 2 G.
 Fore more information about the Giga life offer, Read this post  Free Vodafone  Cameroon  Internet Bundles for pre-registered customers

The  cost of this might not be the same for ever, what we have published  is the cost at the moment.
The price are worth the internet connection and quality. Vodafone offers LTE internet. Again another first LTE network in Cameroon. The most favourable price plans are the monthly bundles. I will prefer the daily and the monthly and not the weekly  bundle but for whatsapp and Facebook.
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