The WOLRDZ  Summit is an event that brings together the most influential minds, influential brands and lovers of innovation together to create a better future for the world.  The event this year 2017 will take place in Los Angeles on from the 31st of July – 1st of August 2017.

The event will give participants several opportunities to grow or just make their dream come true. 
It is an event for businesses,innovators and stars
 Let us discover the opportunities and the various partnership opportunities available.

 Meet top Influencers

1.  Attending this event will be an opportunity to create life changing partnership.
2. Brand exposure to top profiles in the world.
3. WORDZ provides an opportunity to participate in projects that will transform the world to a better place.
4.  This is an opportunity to join the CULTURAL MOVEMNTS that will reshape the future
5.  This is an opportunity to gain access to the best influencers in the world.
   The 2017 WORLDZ Summit comes with additional opportunities which include:
* tripled target audience of cultural influencers and decision makers.
* Elevated master course curriculum enhanced networking opportunities increased live experiential activation experience.
*B2B and B2C opportunities available &
*An engaged audience who want to affect change.
Three major opportunities:
i.                  Access to top cultural influencers
ii.               Learn strategies of world shaping projects and
iii.             Build transformational plat forms and partnerships.

           WORLDZ Partnership

With all the opportunities presented at WORLDZ summit, being a partner at the event will be a better way to get your brand exposed to the world or just an opportunity to tap from the billions of dollars that will circulate during the event and after. Below are the various partnerships   available

i.                    EXCLUSIVE Headline Partnership
ii.               Experiential Partnership
iii.            Prime Time Partnership and
iv.             Show time partnership  
The various partnerships come with different offers and benefits such as:

* Becoming a co-presenting partner at WORLDZ.
* Branding throughout the event venue.
*Ability to curate master courses with content team.
*Dedicated ambassadors to facilitate private meetings, *WORLDZ passes and ……
Your choice of partnership wills depend on your team size and budget. For more details visit the WORLDZ EVENT PAGE.

 WORLDZ 2017
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  1. Good morning Ransom. how can i have the pass to this event?

    1. Hi, when you visit the official page you will see a link to register. Follow any link on this post and you will be taken to the registration page

  2. What is the cost of a ticket to the event? Please also let me know if i will have to cover hotel and flight by myself. Can you help me in doing so if i get a ticket for the event?


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