It may not be the age of flying cars and telepathic innovations, but it certainly is the age of digitization. Here’s a thought, imagine coming home to a place without any digital gadgets: no cellphones, tablets, computers, laptops, smart TV’s etc. Can’t do it, right? That’s for a reason that we are now coming to peace with: over the recent years, a digital revolution has taken place, and our most prized assets have become our cellphones, and TV’s, laptops and computers have become our major source of learning, or entertainment, owing to reasonable and easily accessible cable TV and internet packages. We even read books online, for crying out loud.

Are we ready to accept it? Maybe not. I come across people who are constantly at battle with themselves over the constant and necessary use of these digital devices, and try to keep themselves at bay, fearing addiction and hence, many adjoined diseases; obesity, lack of intellect and discipline, distance from nature… Let’s face it. We’re all a little ashamed to be spending more than a few minutes on our smartphone, as we have, for some reason, been conditioned by our elders that it’s a sign of vanity, superficiality and inanity… That all our time spent in the digital world is anything but productive. Is all this true? And should we really be feeling guilty for the convenience we now have in our hands?

I believe that our ancestors, who had to travel for days to deliver news or to communicate with loved ones and had no conceivable means of research and learning, would have experienced pure joy, had they been handed a small device that had all the information you could ever ask for, just a click away. It really is all about perceptions, isn’t it? Truth is, the digital era is now here, whether we accept it or not, and we have to make our peace with the fact that we need these amenities that are handed to us are to benefit us, rather than divert us from our goals and nature and our loved ones. No, they’re there to assist us connect more to those who are sitting miles away from us. They’re there for us to help educate ourselves and read up on anything from entertainment, to current world news. They’re there for us to learn more, and to unravel at the end of a jam-packed busy day or errands, work, and competition that we seem to be shoulder-deep in in the 21st century. 

Let’s for a second forget those who will binge on TV shows and movies (although, no offense to those), and think of those who balance their days with entertainment, and educational material, and ask them how much they have learned from their laptops, smartphones and smart TV’s. If we are ready to let our biases about these devices go, we may start to witness just how productive and helpful they can be in terms of gathering information, saving data, and generally organizing our lives. We even have calendar-schedule options, and notepads in our smartphones. If we were to view this purely in terms of convenience and ease, we may realize that because of these innovations, a lot of previously used methods have become redundant mainly due to the lack of efficiency, and abundance of time needed in our hands. While it is impossible to undermine the importance of some of these, which will always be in our roots, such as the smell of the pages of a newly printed book, or the joy of researching in a library, we’d be foolish if we refuse to make full use of these new and efficient methods of gathering information, of entertainment and connecting with people and news all over the world.

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