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With the increase in the use of social media, the internet has revolutionized, and with billions of people using social media platforms, social media has created many more opportunities for its users. One of the biggest opportunities being offered by social media today is the ability to market your business through it. Social media marketing has done wonders for many businesses and brands and has proved very efficient as well. When the user base of social media raised from millions to billions of people realized that social media is a great way of reaching a mass audience and that it can be much more than just a few platforms that let you connect with friends and families. Today many big brands are taking advantage of social media marketing, and they are running full fledged social media campaigns on various platforms. Running a social media campaign has many goals, but the main aim of running a social media campaign is to attract more people and convert them into customers. To ensure high engagement of users you can work hard on your social media marketing strategy. Also, we know that social media is the best way of connecting with your customers, so here are five ways that will help you improve customer retention with social media.

1- Know your customers as individuals

As social media is a medium that lets you communicate with customers individually, you will need to take advantage of it. It is very important that you know your customers individually. It is the basic need of customer that they do not just want to be there as an email address or a number they want to be known individually. Also if you know them personally, it will help you in a better understanding of your community and your target audience. Remember them individually listen to their problems and offer them solutions. The more you acquire through knowing your customers individually, the more successful you will be in retaining your customers

2- When customers visit your website, reach out to them

One of the ways to keep your customers engaged with your social media accounts is to reach out to them when they visit your website. Most of the users that visit your site every day are anonymous. Only those minority users who are logged into your site can be recognized, and even that would not give you the details. Now, what if you could find out that who visited your website and what they got to know from your website? This is how you can reach out to customers. You can use Leadfeeder social media marketing tool that helps you recognize the users visiting your website through their IP address. This app can be synchronized with your LinkedIn profile, and it can give you details of who visited your website and what they were focused on.

3- Make sure that you can be found on social media

It is crucial to be found easily on social media when you are trying to retain your customers. It is a very basic thing, but still, there are many famous brands that are still hard to find on social media. That is because they do not run a full-fledged social media marketing campaign. They will either restrict them to only a couple of social media platforms or they will simply not work hard enough to promote their social media profiles. It is not that difficult to be found on social media you just need to pick the social media platforms where most of your customers are and they are actively talking about your business, and you should also promote your social media networks on your main website.

4- Serve your customers where they are investing their time

It is crucial that you stay connected with your customers with a dedication to solving their issues. And to do that you need a customer support team that can work efficiently and can dedicate themselves to the customers. The old days are gone when customer service was done through calls or emails. Now the customer service is done directly through social media platforms and having a team for the social media customer service support is a smart move. Your customers can reach out to you using direct message option available on almost every social media platform.

5- Aid your client in spreading the word for you

On social media, people talk and give their opinions. When you are an established brand or business people on social media will talk about you, even when you are not listening. People will say nice things about you as well, so here you need to look for customer testimonials, and once you find them you can use share them with your other customers. Also if they are showing negative feedback, you can contact them directly and try to solve their issue.
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