WannaCry: who am i?

The wanna cry ransomware recently infected about 10 000 organisations and about 200 000 individuals in more than 150 countries as report says. The wannacry was effective as a result of a weakness of windows exploit called Eternal blue. 

The Wannacry  is an encryptor which encrypt files such as pictures,videos,offices documents and others files  by converting them to files with extension .WCRY. The .WRY files are not accessible . 

With this virus,Your files are held hostage   until you make payments using bitcoins worth 300$ to 600$ as reported by victims. The message from the ransom to decrypt your files is spread across the folders of the victim to ensure he or she pays the ransom.

It is thus  very important to take security measures to stay safe from these hackers by getting a cyber security product and why not a Total Security product for all your devices. 

The Affected
The Wanna cry ransomware had been around since the 12 the of May 2017 with organisations like FedEx, National Health service (England), Nissan Motors UK, Ministry of Internal affairs Russia, Saudi Telecom company in India, Telkom South Africa,Chines Public Security bureau,Russia Railways,Vivo Brazil,NHS scotland among others . 
This newly discovered vulnerability has raised fear to Internet and computer users.

Kaspersky lab reports that the major countries that were infected by the wanna Cry ransomware includes India,Taiwan ,Ukraine and Russia. Some devices that were attcked  in addition to computers included MRI scanners and theatre equipments. Majority of the victims were running windows 7 on their computers. 

The feeling and the Solution
As the name goes the virus just makes you wanna Cry. Even though the Wanny Cry  Ransomware was so harsh such that some people don't want to get online , we know it is impossible to stay off. The reason people were affected was just due to lack of the right internet security too, antivirus or multi device security solution which Kapersky.  with more than 400 million users, Kaspersky cares about your money , privacy , pictures, important files and above all your security online and offline. The solution is protecting your PC , if you don't do that you will experience the feeling of cry. If you are infected here is what you have to do.

                    The Solution to the Infected
Format your computer and reset data from the cloud. If you did not have storage then you either pay the Ransom which  and see if a solution will come forth or just ignore and proceed to say good bye to your data.
This is why we stress on the use  cloud storage

Staying safe?
Prevention is better than cure.  The wannaCry Cryptoware cannot be removed until the ransom is paid. To  be on the safe side, you should get a good Anti-virus for your devices. A good antivirus will cost between 20-100 dollars . I think it is better to do this to be on the safe side than pay a ransom of $600 to set your encrypted files free. 
Getting security for your PC,MAc, Iphone, android or all your devices is a good step to stay away from the bad guys.  As indicated at the beginning of this post, our recommendation will be Kaspersky.                                            
                            You can get a free trial here
Other suggestions to stay safe includes:
  1. Don’t Click From Unconfirmed Sources
  2. Keep Backups Of Your Files 
  3. Get Cloud Storage for your Computer  to protect your files.
I will keep you with more safety tips for the Wannacry ransomware in my next post.
 The 2017 wanna cry cyber  came just after the 2016 Dyn attack  which hit Internet plat forms in Europe and America. '
Will 2018 be  a year safe from hackers? Just thinking what the next hack will be
Let me know in the comment section.
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