The latest petabyte (1000 TB) cloud storage  provider is Zoolz. Cloud Storage   technology(services) is the gamechanger when it comes to  storing and retrieving data with little or no risk. In simple terms, Cloud storage provides a simple way  to store, share data among memebers of an organisation or even with family and  friends.

What is a Petabyte?
1 PB (petabyte)  is capable of holding about 500 billion pages of text according to . It is very common to fine Giga byte and Tera byte cloud storage providers but the Peta byte cloud storage providers are rare to find.
Lets break down a Petabyte(Quick Mathematics).

1PB= 1000 TB=100 000 GB.

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                 Features of Zoolz 1 PB Cloud storage

Even though big names like Idrive, Google Drive,One Drive,Drop box, Apple Icloud and others have the names in the cloud storage market. Zoolz  cloud storage services are worth giving a try.   You can integrate some of the services mentioned above with your Zoolz storage, thus making Zoolz the back up of  other cloud storage services.
Here are some feature of a typical Zoolz cloud storage 1 PB solution: 

a) unlimited Hot storage unlimited cloud storage unlimited users , 
b) free unlimited servers, SD and HD media streaming, 
c) Can support 4K and 8K videos, 
d) mobile and tablet back up, 
e) content search and discovery,
f)  cloud services back up,
g) Optical character recognition (CR),
h) platinium customer support, 
i) dedicated account manger, 
j) free system setup upon request by client,
k) free import and export sevices 
l)  Compatible  with  Windows 10, Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server 2008 , Windows Server 2012 , Windows Vista , Windows XP  
m)You can manage and protect your data using Artificial intelligence
The Cost of Zoolz Petabyte in Dollars
A petabyte solution offered by Zoolz is worth $200k-$300K
Coupons are available at times.
 About The Petabyte  Cloud Storage Provider :Genie9 (Zoolz Intelligent Cloud)

Genie9 is an award -winning cloud storage provider providing cloud storage solutions to both businesses and individuals.

Zoolz partner with top companies like Dell,Acer Canon among Others. 

 Zool has client from sectors such as marketing,oil and gas,Real Estate,Health Care,Technology,Gaming,Transportion,Insurance and more. Even the author of this article is a Terabyte client of Zoolz. As such can be trusted by cloud storage users.

Some companies and institutions using Zoolz cloud storage includes, Harvard library,PenDay Media,Boston Research technology, parking Panda and more.

If you want cloud storage with advanced security,increases efficiency, better data organisation and insights, then Zoolz intelligent intelligent cloud perfectly represents your needs.

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                         Some Benefits Of Zoolz Peta Byte Storage
In addition to the advantages that cloud storage services has. Zoolz PB storage comes with the following benefits;

i. Data is stored on Amazon web services servers  
Cannot store duplicated files 

ii. Zool cloud storage services are easy to use. . You can easily import and export data. With Zoolz your data is automatically protected.

iii. Zoolz products are built thus can be trusted by  its users and to be users.Instead of getting through a reseller for cloud storage solution. It will be great to get to the producers directly.
iv. Zoolz cloud can be access on mobile and desktop, thus ensuring your data on both mobile and PC is backed up and secured.

v. Can easily locate your files , thanks to the powerful search feature. Zoolz intelligent cloud storage can be used by anyone,No technical skills required. I will tell my grand ma to try Zoolz too.Hehe!!
    Permit me end here. Let me not speak all for Zoolz, you can check for your self by visiting Genie9 website here:
If it is your dream to get a petabyte hard drive, then getting Zoolz petabyte is the perfect solution to your petabyte storage solution.

Conclusion: The petabyte storage is provided by a leading cloud storage provider with data stored on Amazon  web servers in the USA. The company equally partner with recognized brand around the world. Zoolz offer its services to top companies and institutions around the world.  Zool petabyte cloud storage services comes with amazing features . With all these in addition to other advantages of cloud storage, i will say Zoolz 1PB storage is worth $ 300k to those who can afford.
If you want to build a million dollar business then, saving 300k for storage is no problem. I thus recommend Zoolz 1000 TB  if you need large cloud storage.
Will you buy 1 PB or 1 TB of cloud storage?

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