Online privacy is getting precarious day by day. Internet experts believe that online privacy doesn’t exist in the present time. Reliance on technology and internet has sure made our lives simpler but certainly not safer.

Earlier we used to rely on personal references, known websites and local information hotlines to discover the vendors and merchants in our area but now, we don’t go beyond an internet search engine.

While we enjoy the benefits we get out of it but little do we know that we tend to leave a footprint where ever we go on the internet. What’s critical is that it is more than just our name and age.

In order to use an online service, 90% of the time, we would be required to fill in our personal details or provide access to our private credentials.

Though security agencies, cyber security groups and cyber law enforcement agencies have been echoing the urgent need towards a safer internet usage; however big enterprises and organizations seem a little reluctant as it restricts their business potential.

This is evident from that fact that their willingness to increase advertising revenue has grown manifold over the years.
With the advent of social media, it has taken further push and now they have more avenues to track customer behavior online.

In fact, it is a formal strategy for any digital marketing firm that lures its ecommerce customers in the name of product exposure and visibility.

On the other side, customers get swayed with the choices and convenience they are presented with. Not that we can’t preserve our online privacy but it appears that we are deeply accustomed to this trend of simplicity and doing more in less time. Measures like deploying VPNs and private search engines are some of the steps that we can easily take to retain our privacy.

Let’s take a wonderful infographic to know more on Online Privacy - 
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