You might have landed on this post because you wanted to know the conversion from kilobyte (KB) to Petabyte(PB).Before discovering what this post is all about, let us  do the maths.
 I wont let you go unsatisfied. OK, I thought of that too. Let us do this together. I love doing Maths though.

The smallest units of storage is the bit and then the byte(8bits=1 byte). As storage device users we don't talk much about units like this because we need more. Don't you? 

 Equivalent of Storage Units in Kilobytes
1 Megabyte (MB) = 1000 KB
1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1,000,000,KB
1 Terabyte (TB) = 1,000,000,000 KB
1 Petabyte (PB) = 1,000,000,000,000, KB
 *All conversions are done in decimal. We can do more maths on the comment section. Just leave a comment if you are interested in the binary conversion. 
The petabyte thus is equals to 1000 TB=1000,000 GB .
I am done.

Actually, this post was created  to show  how i discovered cloud  storage services. How i gradually moved from physical storage devices like memory cards,flash drives to clouds. 

In our last post, we saw the big question ''Is Zoolz 1 Peta byte Cloud Storage   Worth $ 300k?''

I came across cloud  storage companies   that offers petabyte storage. This made me to reflect on how storage had evolve to date on my path. I remember my Nokia phone which cloud just take my Sim contacts, later on i could get a Motorolla L6 which could take a memory card :
This helped me to go beyond contacts, saving pictures,videos,audios among others. Guess what happened to my files when my Friend took my memory card? I lost them. OK, the generation then came when  phones like Samsung, Nexus,HTC, Iphone and others came with storage capacities of up to 32G.

 I thought this was the ultimate solution to my storage problems. but it came to a moment that my phone fell in water, lol!!. Guess what? All files again lost.

Migration to Cloud: Google Drive, Drop Box and One Drive for Free
 Since i studied computer the hard way, i had to look for a solution to keep important documents. To keep documents like my  id card,birth certificates and others safe, i send an email from my Gmail account to Yahoo Mail account. This became a problem when i tries getting a copy of my passport to no avail. May, be i accidentally deleted the mails.

In  exploiting Google world, i came across Google Drive which  became the game changer. I was able to discover that files can be store in the clouds. This will save you money, time and inconvenience. You can even give your phone to grand ma but still have access to your files . Hey guys, i had 15 GB free storage which was later upgraded t0 17GB on Safer Internet Day  for free.

 In searching for more free storage i  equally discovered One drive and Drop box.I got 2GB free storage on Drop box. It is a nice storage service which can be integrated with one drive.
With Microsoft Cloud Storage (One Drive), you can store up to 5GB data. I have exploited many other free cloud storage offers  including Tencent  storage services  in China. However, i recommend you stick to the ones i have mentioned in this post.

 After Free Storage what next?
At this stage i just discovered an alternative to increase my Gigabyte(GB) storage.Then came the day i discovered ZOOLZ 1terabyte(1TB) Cloud storage One time payment which i happily bought  2 TB
You can Read about this offer: Zoolz 1TB Life time Offer  .
Since then my need for cloud storage had been in an increase . I had been looking to get 3TB,4TB up to 10 TB. All this i found in one Place Genie9: A top partner of Amazon Web services providing cloud storage solutions among others and back up solutions. My experience with Genie9 had made me to write so many articles on cloud storage recommending their services when need be.

Thinking of Moving from Terabyte to Petabyte?
I just discovered an amazing offer of 1 Petabyte on Zoolz which i  love. It cots about $300k and comes with excellent  features such as unlimited servers, unlimited users, among others.
 If you had been looking on thinking of getting such storage then you can
               Get 1 Petabyte Cloud Storage on Genie9(Zoolz)
 This is how i arrived at the petabyte. I love clod storage. If you want to know why , i gave 12 advantages here:
 If you are not using you can start with Google drive.

Bonus:  Premium  or Free cloud storage services

Premium cloud storage services are recommended if you want bigger storage and got important files to save. Once your free storage account is closed, you have no say, since you paid nothing. To keep your data safe, get access to paid storage services. Nothing is actually free, there is always a catch. Most companies offering free storage offer paid storage. So, one day you might have to pay for the free storage you had been using.
I am a terabyte user now and looking to get a petabyte(PB).
What will you do with 1 PB?
Let me know if you own up to a terabyte storage .

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