Cloud computing is on the rise with various cloud storage offers by top tech companies around the world.  This week, I will share with you a special offer I got through a partner of the Avangate  affiliate Network  .In my last post, we saw how to get 2 GB of free storage with Google.  ZOOLZ storage is offering a lifetime back up with onetime payment unlike the usual monthly payments by other cloud service providers.
Before getting into the details of this service, I will like the reader to know that this post contain a promotional link to the product page on avangate . It is a promotional offer, so when you purchase, I will get some commissions which will keep me blogging   . Ok, so let me make the offer known.
If you know more about cloud storage, you can get it Here
   In this   64.99 Dollars  ( 59.99 EUR ) offer you will benefit from 1 TB  storage which can be used by two people. You will pay only once and all your data will be store on Amazon web services servers for a life time. In addition to this, you will get. You data are secured, with unlimited external/NAS back up support.

This world first cold storage technology will offer the user an innovative experience   for a life time.   
With this cloud services, you cannot store duplicated files, thanks to the duplication technology of Zoolz.  This ensures, your storage is maximized.

 Secondly, you will be able to back up unlimited USB and fire wire and Network Drives. 

Also,   you can easily select your photos thanks to the preview thumbnail on all your images.
Restoring your data is also free of charge.

With Zoolz cloud services, you can access all your devices thanks to the Zoolz mobile app for iOS and Android.

Zoolz cloud services are being used by companies over the word in all domains such as education, mining , engineering, health care, Technology, construction, among others. Names like Duffels, Heskins,H2H, BEZTAK,West Medical, Havard Library ,Dell, Acer and more. It’s a service worth using.

You can opt in for either home or business cloud storage. You can as well get storage from 50 GB to to 10 Pentabyte of storage.
You can contact me ( email:  to send you a special offer link with your desired cloud service   and storage size.  I will offer you  other soft wares at the best discounts .You can as well request coupon codes for other software too.

          It is noteworthy, that Zoolz is the only cloud solution that keeps your data even when you disconnect your drives.  This inaugural cloud storage solution provides a long term storage unit, for your entire data, on every single one of your external, internal and network drives.
 You can get zoolz cloud storage using the  Avangate payment gate way
No monthly renewals. Hope you will enjoy the offer . Please after making purchase come back and say thanks.

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  1. its really great news. thanks for sharing. and its really need to every one. keep sharing.
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  2. This is really a good chance to get storage for my business. how cab i get to you so as to procced with a purchase

    1. Contact me on the contact page or by email to get your offer. Have a nice day

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