The WhatsApp messaging app on every update  comes with new features to improve user experience . This is the reason over 1 billion people are using the App  . You can always find the latest version in the APK format on or on other websites that permit you to download  APK files. 

To make things better, you can always visit your favourite  App stores( Google Play,Aptoide,Amazon,Apple store etc)  to download the latest version. Some days back, we wrote on:

 Today, i just installed a new version fo WhatsApp on my phone and found out some cool features worth sharing with those who are still using the Older version.  Here are some of the Feature i found

1. Edit Pictures with WhatsApp

WhatsApp was know as a messaging App. Today you can edit pictures with the App . With this picture editing features, users can :
-rotate pictures,crop pictures, 
-Add text on photos with WhatsApp,
-Add emojis on photos and videos,
-Use features available in paint such as the brush and text font on your phone

2. Do More with WhatsApp groups
WhatsApp groups had been a good way to keep in touch with families,classmates,colleagues  and others. The most common things  about WhatsApp groups we know  is that  we can share messages,pictures,voice chats and emojis to all memebers. Ok, Facebook just made another great move with this functionality. Here are some cool features to enjoy with the WhatsApp groups.
-         WhatsApp Group  admins can invite people to join the group with a sharing link. To do this 
Go the Group===>Menu>Group Infos==>Add Participants==>Invite to group via link.                                                                                                                                                       At this point you have the option to send link via WhatsApp,copy the link or share by email, telegram,Hangouts,twitter,facebook ,text message and others. You can equally revoke the links to stop additional people from being part of the group.
-You can mention specific people by typing the @ symbol before their names, e.g @Angu Ransom 

3. New Emoji and the New Emoji Experience On WhatsApp

 With the introduction of new emojis on whatsapp as usual, users of the latest version of whatsApp will be able to see a single emoji appear  larger  in messages. However when several emojis are sent, the size will still remain the same. 
The new emojis are available on both android and iOS and have different meanings worth checking out.  

4. New Camera Features on WhatsApp
WhatsApp thinks you can do more with your camera. 
I've mentioned some features that can be used with your photos above. 
Let us check them out: 
 i. writing  text on pictures with different font size, font style  and colors.
ii. Drawing on pictures with different colours.
iii. Adding emojis on pictures and videos to express your emotions or just to give another look to the pictures and videos you want to share.
     In addition to this, The whatApp  camera feature now allow you to use  the front facing flash. This is great to all who like taking selfies.  

Videos too got a touch  on whatsApp

WhatsApp users can now zoom in or out when taking videos by sliding their fingers up and down respectively.

 Some Other features to Check out

Alway keep your whatsApp updated so as to enjoy all the latest features. 

Improve your Messaging Experience on WhatsApp
To reply to Specific messages in a gropu or private chat, Click  and hold on the message(High light the message ) and click on the Left Arrow at the top  to reply.
To copy a message, high light the message and  click on the over lapping rectangles at the top.Some other features are available in this post

With these great Features what do we expect?

As for me, i am expecting a video calling feature . I equally hope to see more participants on WhatsApp groups over the standard 250  like in the telegram App.
What about you? Share your expectation in the comment area.

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  1. I use a tracking app from MxSpy to spy whatsapp. I don't try to track group chats, but I think it should work.


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