The ability to invite people with the WhatsApp sharing link feature is one of the latest and most exciting innovation brought about by Facebook since it acquisition of WhatsApp .In  the last post on whatsApp, we saw some 4 main features you should try to make your whatsApp life rock.
Whatspp groups permits users to create a community of 250 people where they can share pictures,text messages,emotions,videos,audios,voice messages and emojis in one place.
Any content shared in group can be seen by any member of the group .

Churches ,families,friends,network marketers ,companies and other organisations are making use of groups to keep communication  going .
Gone are the days that you need to add people manually in groups. In this post we will see how to invite someone to a group with a whatsApp link.

 Step1:  Launch WhatsApp and click on a group you manage

Step2: Click on Menu(Where you see three dots at the top right) and  Click on ''Group Info''

step3: Click on ''Add Participants''

Note that you can equally add friends on your list to the group by clicking on any number or name on the list.

Step4: Tab ''Invite to group via link''

   At this moment, you have the link and you can send the link to other people on whatsApp,Copy it  or share it to other media online.

 Note that you can only do this when you are an admin of a group.You can equally request the admin to share the link with you if you are interested in sharing.

 You can share directly from whatsapp via email,facebook,text message,hangouts,telegram,other messaging apps,google drive,drop box,google plus twitter among others.
What caught my attention was sharing the link via Bluetooth.

                   Sharing WhatsApp Link Via BlueTooth
The share link is received as an html file.  You can open the file

Invite to Group via link: Why is this feature Important?

i. It is less strenuous. You can get 249 people to join with a single action(Sharing)
ii. it saves time . You can be doing other things while people are joining your groups.
iii. It avoids embarrassment as people actual have the option to join or not.
iv. You can get people join your group on your website or blog. It is a good way to build communities for content marketers and bloggers.
v. It is an innovation . That is the world today and we have to keep enjoying innovation and discover what we can  benefit from it.

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What is it you like or don't like about whatsApp groups?
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