Google GMAIL is one of my favourite email provider. But what if you cannot afford $ 6 or $ 10  to pay for a professional domain with Google Apps for work?  It is the same problem with Microsoft Office 365. This had been a big challenge to small businesses and individuals.

 Zoho  is a company that's  offers free custom email hosting .If you  want to enjoy clean in box with no ads then Zoho mail is the place.
It is very important  to have  professional email ID with your domain name. Today, i will be revealing a simple way to do so with Zoho Mail.


Go to ZohoMail,
create an account enter you domain and other details. Y
NB: you will need a phone number and  an email to go through the verification and confirmation process.
After  creating you account, you should see a page like look like the one below.

             Verfication OF ZohoMail with Domain DNS Manager
 Step#2  Click on choose  as displayed on the left and select your hosting provider. At the moment i am updating this post, the following  hosting providers are available on the drop down menu: Godaddy,1 and 1,Enom,Euro DNS,Word Press,Cpanel,Blue Host,Open SRS,Network solutions,,Yahoo, and Wix.
Don't panic if your hosting provider is not on the list. You can still do it  the same way i did it with hostgator. 
All you have to do is Click on ''others''.You Custom email is not far from here.

Step#3  after making your choice in  the previous step,You have the option to verify with CNAME,Text OR HTML. In this tutorial i will use the CNAME method .Copy your CNAME/ALIAS/HOST/NAME and point it to as follows.

     -Login to your Hostgator hosting  and login to Cpanel.
     -Click on Advance DNS Editor and  Add the records accordingly.
Enter domain name: e.g
Name: Enter Cname from Zohomail
Type : Select CNAME 
 You should see Green a tick confirming every information is correct. If this is so,then click 
 ''Add Record''.
Confirmation message after Adding Zoho CNAME records on Hostagator
Step# 4: Return to your Zoho set up dashboard and Click on 

Step#5 : Create The Zoho Super Admin Account and add other users
Create the  the first Email (Super Admin) ,, 
Proceed to Add other users on Zoho Cpanel. 

if you love your grand ma like i do, create her one ( 

 Make sure you download the Zoho App if you want grand ma to use it!! OK, Let us keep going.
You can then add other users  
 Create Groups
If you want to create groups , then proceed to create groups, e.g Salesteam,SEOTEAM etc.if not the click on ''SKIP''

 Step#6:  Email Delivery Set up:
Now that everything is set, you have to set up email delivery by  entering MX records ON you DNS hosting  account.Check out the screen shot on how to do this with details. If you are following the Tutorial then you should equally see how to do it on ZOHO Cpanel.

 Step #7  For Hostgator,login to cpanel , Scroll down to the '' Mail '' Section  and click on MX Entry

 In the page that opens,Select domain name,Enable Automatic Detect in the Email routing Section, and enter the MX records from Zoho.
Enter Priority and Destination for each of the MX records. You should have something that looks like this on your screen shot.

You can follow the other step if you want a better experience with zoho. 
You can skip all other steps  and send your first email.

                   Here is why i Chosed   Zoho for my Email Hosting  ?
-Tutorials are available to work you through the Set up.
-Set up is very easy
-Inbox is clean
-Free plan offers up to 25 free email account suitable to meet the needs of small businesses.
-You can add users easily thanks to the simple control panel.
-you can link with Gmail
-Enjoy your office on line with Zoho Apps.

 This worked for Godaddy:

 If you love your popular Gmail, then you can enable Enable email forward ,set up ZOHO SMTP servers and add Gmail aliases. Enjoy your Free professional email and make life rocks. Hope you had a great time going though this post. 
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