Name cheap is known to offer cheap domain names and Hostgator for the excellent web hosting services.  In order to  have a full website operational we must point a domain name to a hosting account where our website data and other back end web properties are managed.

After buying a domain name you might need to change the name servers to point to another hosting account. I have been with Hostgator for a while. This is why i am doing this tutorial . This process should be the same with other hosting companies since the major thing involves changing the name servers.
Let us see how to do this with and Hostgator.

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to point  name servers  from name cheap to godaddy.

 S1 -Login to your hostgator hosting account and scroll down to the bottom page and copy your name servers where you have ''Account Information).
S2-  Login to your name cheap account 
S3-On the Dash board,Click on ''Domain list''  as seen on the screen shot below.
Click on the domain you want to point to Hostgator and then click on ''Advanced DNS''
S4-Scroll down to where you have ''Name servers. 
By default you have '' Name Cheap Basic DNS'' . click and select ''Custom DNS '' from the drop down menu.

S5- Now get your name servers from step one and  insert it where you have the the dotted lines.
Don't forget to save your setting  by clicking on the ''tick'' displayed  at the top  right of your Name servers. 

Once you are done you should see  a confirmation message . Just wait for a minute and its done. According to hostgator, it can take between 24-48 hours for the changes to take effect. My waiting time had always been 5 minutes maximum.
  You can now  get started with your website on hostgator.
To do this return to your hostgator account and  on the domain section, click on ''Addon Domains''.  and follow the step required. For details about this step you can check this post i did with Godaddy


                                          Why should buy hosting and domain name separately?

In all someone said we should not put all our eggs in one basket. 

-  You host might close your account and leave you with nothing else if you have  both hosting and domain name with them.

-Hey, we have to keep other hosting companies moving. No one own you money you have to enjoy freedom to spend. Buy anywhere you want for a purpose .-If  the hosting servers of your company goes down with your domain name , then you are half dead. But with your domain name on another registrar you  can make it to 9/10. 

-You need to experience the web. There are hundreds of companies offering web services, why stick to one?

 Thank you  all. i hope this tutorial will help you in hosting your website on hostgator. Let me know if you have other options .

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