Hello, welcome again to another session of  our word press Tutorial. We have seen how to install and Uninstall word press.
What makes hostgator an interesting web hosting compnay is the feature that allows you to host multiple domains (Add on domains ) in your webhosting account.

Today,we will see how we can get a domain name hosted in a hosting account on hostagator. These are my two favorite companies when it comes to the website business. I buy domain names on godday and host them on hostgator. It is always good to do so for your own security. Well let us get to the focus of this post with the steps you are going to discover below.

Step#1: Login into your Goddady account and Selecet the domain name you want to point to hostagator.

Step#2  Click on mange DNS by following the screen shot above . In the page that opens, scroll down to ''Name Servers''
sTEP#3:  Click on change  and select Custom from the drop down to see a page like this
You willl get Name Servers from Hostgator account and paste here

Note that the screen shot correspond to Goddady website in 2016.
                          Let Go to
HostGator Web Hosting
To get started, you must Have a hosting Account on Hostagtor, If you dont have one, i recommend you get one immediately :  Create Your Hosting Account

 For Begginners Go to  Hostgator.com, Click on ''Web Hosting'' and Select Package as '' Baby''
For the pros you have several other options to exploit on HostGator website.  Follow the steps to make a Purchase and Return to step #3

Step#3:Login into your Hostagator account
Step#4: Scroon down to the bottom left  where you will see ''Account Information''
Copy the two nameservers ns.xxxxxxx and nsyyyyyyy one after the other and paste in the two fields on Goddady (Step#3)

step#4  Click save and we are done with Godaddy. Now return to the ''Hostgator Tab''
                        You will have to wait for sometime Before Going to the next step

Step#5 Scroll to the domain section and click on ''Addon Domains''

 Step#6 Enter your domain name  Subdomain ,password and click ''Add Domain''
Huray!! You have successfully pointed your Godaddy domain to Hostgator.
 If you want cheap Hosting on hostgator
Send me a message with title '' Cheap Hostagator'' to get the cheapest hosting form ''HostGator''

The next issue will be making use of your domain name . There are several ways to get a websited designed.  The talk of the day today is building with wordpress.

If you dont know how to install Wordpress, you can chek

         How to install Word Press On Hostgator Using quick Install


It your turn now. what do you have to say?  

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  1. I have followed your tips which will be explain in your blog but i have doubt that how to add because Hostgator and Godaddy both are different kind of hosting company.


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