Hostgator permits you  to use domains called Add on domain  . Add on domain are to level domain you will like to use in your hosting account after purcahsing a package that permits you to use other domain in your hosting account.  If you have  purchased the Baby hosting plan or the professional  hosting package , then you might have come across ''unlimited domains'' .
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The other domains you add to your account are known as add on domains. You can purchase them from other domain name providers like namecheap,godaddy and others. You can equally purchase them on Hostgator.
In this post, we will see how to actually create an ad on domain.
#1 Step
The first thing to do is to buy a domain name
#2 Step
After purchasing a domain name the next thing to do is to change the name servers to ;point to your hostgator hosting account. You name servers were sent to you the day you purchased hosting from hostgator. You can either find it in your welcome email or just  get it from cpanel  on the bottom left  under  '' Account information''.
Some one ask me where  he can find nameservers for his add on domain
Name servers are offered per hosting pacakage on hostgator. You will always use the same name servers where need be. There is nothing like add on domain name servers on hostgator.

Here are some tutorials i have done

 #3   After changing the name servers, you will need to actually add the domain as an add on domain in your hosting account. To do this, you have to login to cpanel , scroll down to the domain section and click on ad on domain. type in your domain name without the www.
for example
Enter your user name and password and click on ''Add domain''

 After creating the add on domain you can use it as you wish. You can intsall word press  on your add on domain by reading this tutorial

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Please, i will like you to note that Add on domains are different from subdomains. Sub domain are created from your main domain or from an add on domain. For example, if i purchased hosting on hostgator with , then will be a subdomain while my recruiting website on the same account will be an add on domain.
However, the two  can be created on the Domains section of  Hostgator  cpanel.
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