We are offering  highly motivated individuals the opportunity to be a boss, with  our fast and direct route bulk sms in Cameroon. The RANSBIZ SMS system covers major networks in all counries around the world (Africa,Europe, Asia,Australia and America).

What is Bulk sms?
Bulk sms is a  cheap method of mass communication used by companies,agencies,traditional groups or any person who wants to feach a larg number of audience. The bulk sms systme has proven to be cost effective compared to other forms of advertisemnet such as pay per click,email marketing,radio and TV.

what is bulk sms  used?

 It can be useas to send reminders to events such as marriages,seminars,end of year mettings and others

Send prmotions on latest arrivals,latest launch,
update customer of an order on a website,
Invite people to an event or a websites and more.

In a country like Cameroon where majority of the population has mobile phones, the use of bulk sms services will be in a great place to people informed about the latest events or products since. There are more  more people who read sms than  those who use the internet or listen to the radio.

Becoming a Reseller 

You dont need to be a computer to get started. If you are highly motivated and have the ability to express your self. you can contact us for a resellers account. In addition, you should have the following qualities

-Capable of identifying business opoortunities through research and analysis,.
-Has the ability to recommened solutions to any problem .

-Able to provide support ,information and guidnace to clinets.
-Willing to learn or apply knowledge in digital marketing.

-Have marketing skills.

what about the Qualifications?

Minimu qualification is a Diplomat in any field.

understand French or English.
Our system language is in english. Other languages are available for client account only . Our support team will be there to help you out in case of any difficulties

Should be able to use the computer.

Those with a knowledge is excell will have an additional advantage.

Basic Roles of  a Bulk Sms Reseller

 Your role will be to get clients, 

Create an account for them,

Recharge clients account with bulk sms credit 

 Provide any support client might needsuch as sending sms and uploading contacst in the client list.

 For those who lack this skill but are interested in getting into the bulk sms business, you can contact us to take a bulk sms marketing course . Our course can be  completed in 2week to a month depending on your rate of response

We are based in Cameroon but anyone from any part of the world can get involve

what is required to start?

You are required to pay 5000F CFA,1000CFA or 2000 FCFA to join the reseller program.

why pay?

we need people who are motivated. we will offer you a client account which is hosted by us. 
we will equally put test credit in your account for you to test . 
You will be able to test features like createing of clients and sending sms.  what eveer is left in your account after te test, you can keep,use or start selling.
We believe that with a fee paid, you will be serious in your business since you have invested.

How do i get started?

Send us an email : ransbiz@live.com or leave us a comment on our facebook page and we will contact you.  


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