The MTN wimax modem is one of the most popular products of MTN which is said to provide internet of up to 2Mb/s.I don’t know if many are still using this modem given the limitations it had and the innovations MTN has brought to better connectivity.
The thing is I came across my wimax key yesterday and find some difficulties connecting to the internet. After some trial and error methods, I found a solution, which I decided to share with  everyone.

                                 What was the problem I faced?
After installing and launching the mini Modem, I was stuck at the screen below.
I could not continue with the set up and configuration to use internet with my mobile phone Number.

                                       The Solution
                        I did a modem upgrade to get everything back on  track.

How was this done?
We will go through a step by step guide that helps us to upgrade our modem and set it up normally.

Step1:  Download the Modem Upgrade software. You can request one if you dont have it.

Step2: Launch your modem and click on ‘’Device’’
Step3: Click on browse , Select the file the was saved in step 1 and click on upgrade.

  You can go take some Coffee while the upgrading is taking place. Just watch the indicator as the percentage increases from 0 to 100 percent.  

 Upgrade is completed when you see the notification
                                 ‘’Upgrade completed’’
Step4: Close the Wimax App and unplugged the modem from your PC.
We will be doing the Modem Set up Now
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