This is a continuation of the post : How to Setup |Upgrade  MTN XTRA SURF Modem         
After upgrading the modem, you will need to set it up to work the way you want. Let us get started.          
Step1: Insert the modem 
Step2: Run the Set up Again and confirm the prompt Message
Step3: Proceed with the Set up by clicking next.
  And that is it, you should see the something like this below.
‘’Let us continue till we can get internet working provided you have some credit left in your SIM card. If not, you can contact me to send you mobile money airtime. Hahaha ! If I cannot send then just continue taking coffee. You can come back and complete the tutorial later’’
              Connecting to the internet with the Upgdated Modem
Step1 : From the new Interphase I could find the link as indicated in the screen shot above. Click on the link (The link on my pc opened on internet explorer).
Step2: On your web browser
-You can click on sign in  if you already have an account.
 If you are good in forgetting passwords like me, you request for a new one by clicking  ‘’Forgot password’’

-sign up if you want to connect another number.
-Get a virtual Number to browse (My favorite option).
  For any difficulties copy this link and paste on ‘’internet explorer and proceed to step 2 above
You can select a  package of your  choice and enjoy some cool internet connection  from MTN Cameroon.
 You should be connected now and that is it. It was a nice time using this technology again. See you for more tutorials.
Ok, you can now start using your modem with ease.  

 Happy Browsing.
  What is your challenge with MTN XTRASURF Modem?
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