Whatsapp groups and the whatsapp app represent one of the most used resource on the internet in cameroon. Several whatsapp group exist from business,adult chat,hacking,free internet,buy and sell,relationship,school,religion,and more.

These whatsapp groups has contributed in providing information and assistance to Cameroonians far and new. The internet as a whole has help in communication and business to this part of the country.

WhatsApp is one the most popular app used in Cameroon today. It has help many people stay connected with friends, buy and sell product as well as network with people from other regions or countries. These are just few among the several advantages whatsapp has.

whatsapp groups  are easy to use and popular because it can be accessed on a mobile phone. Whatsapp groups are also easy to join in Cameroon because it can be done with an invite link which can be shared with other contacts.You can also check out whatsapp gropu list of your intereste on the wbe or by asking from a friend.

So why the title ‘’the other side of phones and whatsapp in Cameroon’’?

whatsapp has had many negative effects on youths,students and on relationships. It is not only in Cameroon. It is just starting and that is why we saw it necessary to create an awareness with this post.
Leaked sex videos had never been a something common in Cameroon but today, it is being heard everywhere. A girl in Yabassi in the Littoral region was reported to have dropped out from school because she was traumatized when she noticed here sex videos were leaked .

One of the most hottest whatsapp experience is the ‘’ Mary land sex video leakage’’ which featured on almost every gossip blog in Cameroon including bareta news
This incident made us to understand that the voice feature of whatsapp is used for insults and what you can think of.

One of the hottest story From Mary Land
Another situation where we noticed the bad side of whatsapp was the Buea experience where a girl insulted the boyfriend in a whatsapp group with terrible words.

The other side is the use of whatsapp for scamming. It is common today to find some ‘’machine guys’’ ( scammers) having whatsapp with a US numbers or any other foreign number in Cameroon. These guys use this number to carry out deals only them can best explain.

Hey Guys, what about whatsapp as an office? Oh yea, many people spend countless hours on whatsapp chatting for no purpose. We find people joining ten groups which brings about 1000 messages per hour. This can be a good training for customer service. If you are one of such then you can just include customer service in your CV. lol

‘’Think of it when you take a girl out for two hours but can’t hear her voice because she is on whatsApp’’ it’s just another effect of the technology ''WhatsApp'' .  The whatsapp groups are always entertaining but we should always make sure we use it for the right purpose.

It is a great technology, but the question in my mind right now is ''what will be its impact on our society?''

Overall, the other side of the internet and whatsapp we are experiencing in Cameroon is the increasing sex tape shared ,insulting voice messages exchange on whatsapp, addiction to the App and lastly the use of the internet for scamming.
These are phenomena common in every part of the world where there is the use of the internet and technology. We have heard or sex videos of some top starts leaked.

This is not the purpose of those how created these technology. The internet is a medium for connecting with others and marketing in my own opinion.
 Let it be used for these purpose and not to destroy our brothers and sisters. Whatsapp is a great app. Text,share videos,share photos and voice messages. Check out our next post on how sex Videos are leaked on the internet.

Mobile phone technology is one of the fastest technology Cameroonians responded to with more than 6 million internet internet users, internet coverage of more than 24% of the total population .

Cameroon has 17+ million mobile subscribers, With 5 major networks namely: Orange, Nexttel , MTN and Camtel providing GSM technology.                                                                                         Other technology used includes Wimax by YooMEE and UMTS by Nexttel. Thus Cameroon have at least 17 million potential internet users in the future. The internet technology is developing fast with most of the providers looking for something like 4G and above.

Making use of the internet in a more positive way can boost the economy and empower so many others. Your opinions in the comment section.
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